How to Make Windows Applications Launch Faster in Parallels Desktop 14

Faster, faster, faster. Everyone wants most computer-related tasks to be accomplished faster. Make my Mac® boot faster. Make my applications launch faster. Make Parallels Desktop® for Mac faster.

On my MacBook Pro®, PowerPoint for Windows launches in about 30 seconds. This includes the time it takes for Parallels Desktop to launch, Windows 10 to boot, and PowerPoint to launch. (See Video 1.)

This doesn’t seem like too long a time—unless you’re in front of a large group, and you want to start your presentation. Then it seems like forever.

With a single settings change in Parallels Desktop 14, you can make PowerPoint for Windows launch in about two seconds. Even in the most stressful situation, this is really fast.

The setting that will accomplish this seemingly magical change is in the Configuration dialog—specifically, in the Startup and Shutdown settings in the Options tab. (See Figure 1.)

Figure 1_Always Ready setting in Parallels Desktop 14

The default value for this setting is, “Start up and shut down manually.” Change this to “Always ready in the background,” and you’ll get the two-second launch for PowerPoint shown in Video 2:

You can see these two launches side by side in Video 3 to really appreciated the speed-up:

This magic is accomplished by keeping some parts of Windows “pre-launched” (a non-technical term). This doesn’t slow down your Mac at all, but it does use up some of your Mac memory. (Technical re-phrase: This doesn’t use any CPU cycles, but does lock down some RAM.)

For most people, the memory used by the pre-launched Windows won’t even be noticeable; the time difference it takes for applications to launch will be all you see.

What applications are you speeding up with this setting? Let us know in the comments.

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