Downloads and Free Trials

Download the pre-requisite test tool for testing your infrastructure and ensuring the Parallels Mac Management Plug-In and components are ready to install.

Download Prerequisites Checker Wizard
Parallels Mac Management for Microsoft SCCM

Trial in Your Datacenter

Download Parallels Mac Management Plug-In to install on your infrastructure.

Best for: Test-drive features from top to bottom with a fully featured trial on Microsoft SCCM staging infrastructure.

Hyper-V virtual machine with Parallels Mac Management Plug-in and SCCM


Download a single Hyper-V virtual machine with Parallels Mac Management plug-in and SCCM installed and ready to go.

  • Create a new virtual machine in Hyper-V Manager and attach the downloaded virtual hard disk to it
  • Enable external network in this virtual machine and follow the steps in the Trial-in-a-Box guide to complete implementation

Download Trial-in-a-box Guide

Best for: Test core functionalities of Parallels Mac Management using a pre-built virtual environment.

Download Trial