Parallels RAS Sizing Tool for Servers On-Premises

Use this sizing calculator to estimate the memory size, SSD volume and number of CPU core server units required to support your Parallels RAS infrastructure.

Number of VDI Images
Reserved CPU/user (MHz)

Your estimated sizing

Number of VDIs Images
Reserved CPU/user (MHz)
Number of CPUs per VDI 2
Memory allocated per VDI 8
MHz/core (w/ Turbo) 2700
RAM (GB) 96
Number of VM for Microsoft SQL 2012 - if not using Cluster (OPTIONAL) 1
Number of VM for HALB (2x) 2
Number of VM for CPU sizing 2
Server Configuration
2 CPU 10 core
36CPUs Cores- 1.5:1 overcommit
34Usable cores
2,700MHz/core (w/ Turbo)
CPU and Memory Reservations
512Reserved RAM/user (MB)
Total required CPU (Mhz)
Total required RAM (GB)
5Number of sessions per VM core
Sizing Summary
Total Number of CPU Cores
Total number of VMs (RAS, RDSH and VDI)
Total Memory (GB)
Total Disk Storage (TB)
Number of physical Servers
Number of physical Servers including HA

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