Success Stories from Our Customers

See how business of all sizes are using Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition


"I’m here to ensure the infrastructure is stable and easy to use and is up and working. I pick and choose the tools that can do that with a small team. Parallels Desktop Business Edition is one of those tools, and we’re very happy with it."

Andrew Robinson
Senior IT Support Engineer

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“I think that a computer can only be considered a good computer if it doesn’t feel like a cryptic puzzle to an IT amateur like me. That’s why I’ve always loved Apple for its simplicity and user-friendliness. I expect the same thing from a piece of software. It should intuitively, quickly, and reliably do what I need it to do, so that I don’t have to download an operating system with which I’m not familiar onto my Mac for certain applications. Parallels Desktop is precisely this type of software.”

Andrew Morten
Founder, TravelEssence

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“For me as an admin, key features of a new solution are that it integrates perfectly into the existing infrastructure, it is easy to set up and roll out, it doesn’t entail any support overhead, and it comes with efficiency benefits that help pay for the purchase price in a short time. All this is true for Parallels Desktop Business Edition.“

Harry Schuler
Data Processing Manager at POOLgroup

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“Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition is an essential tool for putting platforms aside and focusing on learning opportunities. Students have never been more prepared to enter today's dynamic workforce.”

John Hanlon
Business Solutions Manager



Choosing Parallels Desktop Busines Edition has proven to be a solid solution for our organization. With their continued focus on quality product improvements and new features, they've distinguished themselves as a virtualization platform I can count on.”

Todd Thiel
Senior IT Support Engineer