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Erfahren Sie, wie Unternehmen aller Größen Parallels Remote Application Server verwenden

Kosteneinsparungen und Einfachheit waren die wichtigsten Gründe für den Umstieg von Citrix auf Parallels Remote Application Server. Darüber hinaus bietet Parallels Remote Application Server eine bessere Verwaltung der Infrastruktur über ein intuitives und zentrales Dashboard.

Chris Lietz
President und CEO

Martin’s Properties

Martin’s Properties Picks Parallels Remote Application Server over Citrix

“Parallels Remote Application Server has an easy-to-use interface that delivers a high degree of sophistication.”

Paul Nicholson
Financial Director
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Parallels Remote Application Server proved to be the better-suited replacement for Citrix for the W.S. Badcock Corp.

“High-quality cross-platform support is the #1 benefit of the switch from Citrix to Parallels Remote Application Server.”

Todd Zacharias
Manager IT Network Systems
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BlueBridge Networks Streamlines Remote Assistance Services with Parallels RAS

“The Parallels RAS sales process was streamlined and simple.”

Michael Hudak
Sr. Network Engineer, BlueBridge Networks
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Bay Dermatology

Bay Dermatology delivers a superior Cloud Connectivity Platform that is easy to manage and provides more tools and scalability.

“With the implementation of Parallels Remote Application Server, we solved the performance and connectivity problems on our network and servers, improving the user experience significantly.”

Juan Rosa
IT Manager
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ABS Business Data, LLC

ABS Business Data, LLC

“Parallels Remote Application Server helps us get our applications to our customers in a solid, affordable way.”

Kevin Crum

Building Systems Design

Building Systems Design

“Parallels has proven to be a great addition to our software arsenal. Through the use of the Parallels Remote Application Server we have been able to expand our market to non-windows clients where we never had a solution in the past. Their software has proven to be very solid, we have not had to contact them for support in over a year. We would highly recommend them as a company to work with.”

Tom Stein
Director of Technical Services

By Appointment Only, Inc.

By Appointment Only, Inc.

“Makes RDP work better!”

Andre Lepage
Network Administrator

Integra Engineering

Integra Engineering

“It helps our efficiency by installing applications once and being able to use them from various locations.”

Duane Liebelt
IT Administrator
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“Parallels Remote Application Server is a cost effective product that is easy to use, and great for business solutions.”

Marcos Rodriguez
Systems Engineer

Puget Sound Gastroenterology

Puget Sound Gastroenterology

“I love the Remote Application server product. Easy to setup and configure. Once that's done, just sit back and enjoy it.”

Chuck Grove
Manager of IT Operations

Silver Standard

Silver Standard

“Parallels Remote Application Server works reliably and securely over our networks. Easy to manage at a fraction of the cost compared to Citrix.”

David Thomas
IT Director

Smith Cooper International, Inc.

Smith Cooper International, Inc.

“Parallels is a great and low resource software.”

Irving Mercado

Stanislaus County - BHRS

Stanislaus County - BHRS

“Parallels Remote Application Server has helped my organization publishing our Electronic Health Record Application to our internal users and contractors.”

Hector Ayala
Sr. Systems Engineer

Tyler Technologies, Inc.

Tyler Technologies, Inc.

“Very easy setup and administration.”

Mike Cavel
Sr. IT Analyst

Direct Network Services BV

Direct Network Services BV

“We like Parallels Remote Application Server because it’s flexible and cost-effective. When compared against Citrix, we were able to save over 85% of costs for one of our customers. The support is also very good.”

Peter Spithoff & Victor Esselman
Owners, Direct Network Services BV
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Mastex Software

Mastex Software

“We needed a reliable solution that allowed our customers to connect from their systems to Mastex Software. With Parallels Remote Application Server, our connection issues were resolved, which satisfied our customers.”

Peter Van Driel
Managing Director, Mastex Software
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Aspire Indiana

Aspire Indiana Achieves Secure Access to EMR Software with Parallels RAS

“Parallels Remote Application Server was so easy to deploy! It allows us to access applications from anywhere on any device. Parallels RAS has also allowed us to cut costs by purchasing more budget-friendly Chromebook devices for our users”

Brandon Patton
Systems Administrator
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Kawaguchi-Shinkin Bank

Kawaguchi-Shinkin Bank

“As a financial institution, we are extremely sensitive to issues like data leaks from the perspective of protecting our customers’ data. For those of us in the systems department responsible for the operational maintenance of the bank’s systems, thin clients offer an attractive system configuration.”

Mr. Yoshitaka Kokubu
Manager, Systems Department, Centralized Business Division, Kawaguchi-Shinkin Bank
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Fleetcorp Turkey

Fleetcorp Turkey

“After switching to Parallels RAS, the product has matured. RAS is easy to use and end users experienced stable performance. Universal printing works flawlessly.”

Muthu Valamarthi
Enterprise Architect at Fleetcorp Turkey
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“Parallels Remote Application Server has been the most reliable component within the whole system. It has never failed to do its job. The main driving factor was the cost of licensing, with Parallels Remote Application Server being considerably cheaper for concurrent users than Citrix.”

Stuart Watton
Systems Manager at Orchestr8
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Xillion ICT Solutions

Xillion ICT Solutions

“We have a hosted desktop service that we supply to our customers. We also have customers with an on-premise environment. For better connectivity and access, we needed a comprehensive virtualization solution like Parallels RAS, that provides advanced features and is easy to use.”

Jean Huveneers
CTO, Xillion ICT Solutions BV
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Rise Lawyers Office

“The ability to support so many different devices and workstations was extremely attractive in terms of our expansion to multiple offices. At present, we are ranked at a top-level nationally in terms of the number of projects handled on a monthly basis. Simply put, we would never have been able to expand as we have without this system.”

Yoshitaka Sakamoto
Director of the Auditing Division
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Enterprise South Liverpool Academy (ESLA)

Parallels RAS empowers students and teachers at Enterprise South Liverpool Academy

“The students needed access to applications like Adobe Suite and Microsoft Office, things that they wouldn’t have access to at home because, obviously, it’s expensive software and most of our students come from quite poor backgrounds where they may not have access to a full computer.”

Chris Little
Trust Head of ICT, Enterprise South Liverpool Academy (ESLA)
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Grupo Trevenque

Grupo Trevenque

With a cloud-oriented data center network, we had to quickly convert all traditional client-server applications into cloud-enabled solutions. To do so, we needed a comprehensive virtualization solution that was easy to understand and manage while being able to reach low-bandwidth areas.“

Antonio Guerrero
Deputy Technical Director at Grupo Trevenque
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Evolve IT

Melbourne-based IT consultancy taps new Parallels Partner Program

“Parallels has always been a steadfast partner and an integral part of our success, so we’re happy to see them constantly making enhancements to how they collaborate with partners for mutual success.”

Bernard Moran
General Manager of Evolve IT Australia
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Leading Australian non-profit taps into the power of Parallels RAS

“Parallels RAS easily brought our devices into the modern age without the cost and complexity of procuring new physical devices.”

Eddie Gibbons
Director of Business Services
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Australian not-for-profit employment services company chooses Parallels RAS

“The fact that Parallels RAS can deliver all applications that my employees need over a 4G connection is, quite frankly, remarkable, and all that without any compromise in user experience, security, or compliance requirements!”

Mick Havill
CIO at WISE Employment
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Effect ICT Cuts Citrix, Adds Parallels RAS to Streamline Virtualization

“Parallels Remote Application Server is a complete and secure solution. It’s very easy to set up and manage. It’s flexible, cost-effective, easy to use, and supports almost every endpoint device. On top of all that, their support is excellent.”

Henk Nachtegaal
Founder and CEO of Effect ICT
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KernBHRS Implements Parallels RAS To Publish Electronic Health Records, Lowers Costs

“Parallels RAS provides a good amount of first-level performance information for our published EHR, which in turn allows me to quickly identify and correct bottlenecks related to the network, servers, or the application itself.”

Charles McCartney
Senior Information Systems Specialist, KernBHRS
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Slovanet Relies on Parallels RAS to Provide Competitively Priced Virtualization Services over the Cloud

“Parallels RAS has a straightforward setup and quick learning curve for admins and for the end-users, too. It perfectly supports printing and scanning—the daily bread for any business. Our clients benefit not only from platform reliability, but also from constant updates and improvements.”

Martin Magdolen
Director of Sales Support, Slovanet
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Biesheuvel Groep B.V. Taps Parallels RAS to Streamline Manufacturing IT Infrastructure

"Very fast working"

Frank Deegens
ICT Manager
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CCL Design

CCL Design Chooses Parallels RAS to Publish ERPs for Manufacturing

"Parallels Remote Application server allows us to deploy our business applications at a global scale with minimal management required."

Mick McCann
IT Technical Manager
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Rawls College of Business

"Within a single day we were able to set up Parallels and have a published application running in our environment. The performance of Parallels RAS is fantastic and provides our business college with the tools to meet any request from our faculty, staff, and students.”

Dayton Perrin
Server Administrator III,
Rawls College of Business
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TSG Networks

TSG Networks

“If you’re looking for an affordable, uncomplicated way to expand your business, look no further than Parallels RAS.”

Herb Burt
VP Customer Development, TSG Networks
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Esperanza Health Center

Esperanza Health Center

“We had difficulty with load balancing when we were on Microsoft RDS by itself… Now that we’re on Parallels RAS, we use server and network load balancing all the time.”

Stuart Allan
IT Director, Esperanza Health Center
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Streamline IT Solutions

Streamline IT Solutions

“Due to HIPAA and eHPI security requirements, Parallels RAS has been a solution we can offer our clients that both meets HIPAA and our management expectations as a MSP.”

Tracy Acord
Sr. Network Engineer, Streamline IT Solutions
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Futec Systems Uses Parallels RAS To Provide Customised Healthcare Applications for Medical Professionals

“Parallels RAS is an easy-to-manage solution that allows us to offer customers an affordable, secure method to access remote medical applications from any device.”

Patrick Huisman
Operations Manager
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Whittlebury Hall & Spa Switches To Parallels RAS

“Parallels RAS was very easy to deploy; it took much less time than Citrix XenApp.”

Jeremy Stafford
IT Coordinator, Whittlebury Hall Conference & Training Centre, Hotel & Spa
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Assurex Reduces IT Staff Hours with Parallels RAS

“We wanted a remote desktop solution for each company branch.”

Johnny Khoury
Head of IT Department
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Teejan Deploys Parallels RAS, Publishing ERP Applications to Customer Endpoint Devices

“Parallels RAS is a cost-effective solution that allows us to better serve our customers.”

Ram Kishan
Project Manager, Teejan Trading & Contracting Company
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Local Government of Chelles, France, Uses Parallels RAS to Lower IT Budget

“At a very low cost, Parallels RAS fully met our application delivery needs on low-speed access.”

Antoine Trillard
DSI (IT director)
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Uniper Maasvlakte Power Plant

Uniper Maasvlakte Power Plant Chooses Parallels RAS to Publish ERPs for Manufacturing

“Before the virtualization solution was being managed by a third party. Now with Parallels RAS, it’s easier for me to maintain a more flexible solution for our end-users.”

Marcel Bleeker
Senior Process IT Engineer
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Parallels RAS and Automation24 GmbH

Automation24 GmbH

“Our employees are satisfied because they can choose their own devices, and they could even use the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software on their personal devices from home.”

Thorsten Schulze
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Quasar Limited

Quasar Limited Chooses Parallels RAS to Securely Deliver Applications to Employees

“Applications run smoothly and provide our users with value when working remotely.”

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HPE Technology Partnership with Parallels simplifies virtual application delivery

“Within a single day we were able to set up Parallels and have a published application running in our environment. The performance of Parallels RAS is fantastic and provides our business college with the tools to meet any request from our faculty, staff, and students.”

Server Administrator III
Large State University System
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Cancer Council NSW

Cancer Council NSW chooses Parallels Remote Application Server to improve customer care

“Parallels RAS was easy to deploy and we can now scale up the environment whenever we need to.”

Tonia Marsh
IT Operations Manager
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Techedge ApS Implements Parallels RAS to Supply Homegrown Applications to Broadcasters

“Building out Parallels RAS virtualization was incredibly easy. It has helped us supply broadcast software to our customers more efficiently.”

Karen Mee Løvgret
VP of Operations
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Orchard Hill College

Orchard Hill College Chooses Parallels RAS to Save on IT Costs

“We also looked at Citrix, but it was a lot more expensive and trickier.”

Andy Barnes
Head of IT Services
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Cambridge Judge Business School Expands BYOD Support with Parallels RAS

“Parallels RAS makes it simple for our IT admins to support any device that students and teachers prefer to use and saves us hours of setup time. The Parallels RAS mobile client for iOS and Android enables our students and teachers to be truly productive on the go or at home.”

Paul Miller
Head of IT
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"Parallels RAS is a great solution for publishing applications quickly and easily!"

Carlos Henao
System Administrator, Tech-24
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Graybar Canada

“Parallels RAS seamlessly provides access to line-of-business applications from any Internet-connected device.”

Corey Richardson
Systems Administrator, Graybar Canada
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Score Group

“Parallels RAS is a fabulous product which is miles ahead of the rest. Furthermore, your company has excellent customer care and support to go along with the product.”

Bob Thomson
Information Technology Manager


“We appreciate the out-of-the-box capabilities; all of our devices are fully supported.”

Ben Chewter,
Senior Developer Team Lead
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Larry the Computer Guy

“Parallels provides a complete package. It is very easy to set up on the technician side and provides a great end user experience.”

Larry Forsyth,
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Pivot Engineering and General Contracting

“What really impressed me with Parallels Remote Application Server is the sheer power of seamless application delivery to any device, made possible through an amazingly simple, secure, and easy-to-manage solution.”

Aytek Aydogan,
IT Manager
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Parallels Remote Application Server verfügt über eine einfach zu bedienende Benutzeroberfläche, die einen hohen Grad an technischer Ausgereiftheit bietet. Der größte Vorteil, den der Umstieg von Citrix auf Parallels Remote Application Server bietet, ist die Kosteneffizienz der Gesamtlösung.

Paul Nicholson
Financial Director bei

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