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In less than one minute, this app can calculate how much time you can save testing web applications on virtual machines instead of multiple computers.
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  1. I test on these operating systems:
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  1. I test with these browsers:
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  1. Number of testers:
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  1. Number of times you push to production in a year:
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Looks like you’re only testing one operating system. The advantage of a virtual machine is to test multiple operating systems which is vital for a stable release across all popular platforms. If your company isn’t testing performance across every popular platform, learn more about the advantages of virtual machines by reading more here.

You could reduce testing time by x% and that’s just a few of the combinations you test on. Imagine how much more you can save with other operating systems like XP, Vista, and Chrome!

Discover how much time you can save using Parallels Desktop for Mac for web development and testing instead of multiple computers!

minutes spent testing web applications on multiple computers
minutes spent testing using Parallels Desktop for Mac
minutes saved testing with Parallels Desktop for Mac instead of multiple computers
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