Parallels RAS Integrates with Microsoft App-V

Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) is a component of Windows Server operating systems that provides separation and isolation capabilities for applications running on the operating system.

Parallels RAS and Microsoft App-V

Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS) integrates with Microsoft App-V, allowing administrators to publish packaged applications. The separation and isolation capabilities of Microsoft App-V reduce the need to remediate application conflicts on the OS level. Microsoft App-V applications are standalone executables, meaning there is no need for local installation on the hosts. In addition, application updates can be delivered from a central location directly to the servers. No separate RDS CALs licenses are required to publish App-V applications from an RDSH. Read More.

Run Any Application,
Including Legacy Applications

Some applications might not have been designed to run in a multi-user environment on an RDSH. By integrating with Microsoft App-V (or other application virtualization technologies), Parallels RAS allows you to overcome such limitations while leveraging containerization. Application containerization also allows IT to run different versions of the same application on the same server.

Streamline Server Footprint

There are specific applications that won’t allow you to run more than one instance or even different versions on the same OS. Due to the application virtualization isolation capabilities, now multiple and different versions of the same application can run successfully on the same host without any conflicts. This minimizes the servers’ footprint and reduces hardware requirements.