Solutions for Healthcare

  • Improve accessibility by providing clinicians with secure access to desktops, applications and patient data on any device, anytime.
  • Enhance security by centralizing and monitoring medical data, conforming to HIPAA and other medical guidelines.
  • Increase medical staff response times to emergencies by enabling them to receive real-time updates and alerts on the go.

Parallels RAS Improves
Your Healthcare IT Infrastructure


Access medical and Windows applications on demand from any device and location.


Provide medical staff with secure, compliant, on-the-go access to digital resources.


Deliver fully featured healthcare and diagnostic desktop applications to mobile devices.

Case Studies

Learn why medical organizations have chosen Parallels RAS for application and desktop delivery.

Cancer Council NSW, an independent charity in New South Wales, implemented Parallels RAS to publish Microsoft Office applications to employees on Mac® and Windows machines. Parallels RAS seamlessly connects Cancer Council NSW end users with shared application and files, increasing productivity. It has improved the level of customer care they offer.

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Philadelphia-based Esperanza Health Center upgraded to Parallels RAS to enhance their electronic medical records (EMR) application publishing solution based on Microsoft RDS. After deciding that their virtualization solution wasn’t performing adequately, the IT director decided to utilize Parallels RAS. Now the Esperanza Health Center has instant access to EMR applications from any device, anywhere.

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Parallels RAS allowed Aspire Indiana, a nonprofit community mental health center, to deliver secure, remote access to EMR applications through an HTML5 gateway. Aspire Indiana was also impressed by the overall simplicity and user-friendly virtualization features offered by Parallels RAS.

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California-based KernBHRS, a public mental health clinic, decided to implement Parallels RAS after having problems with Citrix. Switching to Parallels RAS gave KernBHRS access to comprehensive features such as server load balancing, network load balancing and application publishing. The IT team was impressed by how fast it was to implement and learn to manage the “powerful set of virtualization tools” through Parallels RAS.

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Based in Florida, Bay Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery needed to improve their IT infrastructure, which was performing poorly for end users. The complexity of Citrix did not allow Bay Dermatology to benefit fully from the advantages of a virtual environment. Parallels RAS delivered a superior Cloud Connectivity Platform that is easy to manage, affordable and provides more tools and scalability.

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Stay Connected

Provide medical staff with secure real-time information at their fingertips.

Instant, continuous access

Parallels RAS provides medical staff with reliable access to their applications and files anytime. Praxis EMR, HER software, Lorenzo PRS and imaging viewers are accessible from anywhere. Load balancing provides full redundancy, reducing the risk of downtime while providing a seamless end-user experience.

Security features

Replace paperwork with a secure and straightforward medical IT system that allows healthcare organizations to securely access EMRs from any device and any location. Parallels RAS reinforces security by centralizing and managing data access. With features such as two-factor authentication, advanced filtering and customized policies, adhering to compliance mandates such as HIPAA and PCI-DSS is easier.

Single sign-on and AI-based session pre-launch

Single sign-on (SSO) facilitates faster login times by streamlining the management of user identities from different organizations without sharing the local identity database. By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), Parallels RAS makes applications ready to use when needed, increasing efficiency. Medical staff don’t have to wait for their desktops to load up in the mornings but can start working straight away.

Boost Medical IT Performance

Simplify medical IT with a centralized and secure approach to managing software and data.

Single pane of glass

With Parallels RAS, admins can manage the IT infrastructure from a single console. IT staff can perform all the available tasks, such as deploy servers, publish applications and desktops, monitor resources, manage connected devices, provide helpdesk assistance and define security policies.

Scale infrastructure up or down

Medical IT infrastructures can be scaled up or down with auto-provisioning and auto-scaling capabilities. Parallels RAS can dynamically create, remove, release and load balance Windows Servers based on predefined criteria. This allows healthcare providers to spend less time on technical aspects of the system and focus on providing better healthcare.

Universal Printing

Ready out of the box and easy to use, Parallels RAS Universal Printing increases printing performance and response time when clinicians use local printers with server-based desktops or virtual applications. Medical staff can print directly to their local printers without having to install local printer drivers.