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Parallels Now Offers Suites of Time-Saving Tools to Simplify Everyday PC and Mac Tasks

Parallels Toolbox Presentation Pack, Screen and Video Pack, and Disk and System Pack feature sets of tools to get jobs done in one click so users have more time to focus on their priorities.


Bellevue, WA – June 27, 2018 – Parallels® (, a global leader in cross-platform solutions and creator of industry-leading software for running Windows® applications on a Mac®, today launched Parallels® Toolbox Packs ( to help people save time on tedious tasks on their PC or Mac so they can accomplish their more important priorities. Parallels Toolbox Presentation PackParallels Toolbox Screen and Video Pack, and Parallels Toolbox Disk and System Pack for Windows or Mac are each “packed” with tools designed to get jobs done with just a click or two.

“People waste too much time searching for solutions to common tasks on their computers that should be able to be accomplished with one click,” said Jack Zubarev, Parallels president. “That’s why our time-saving Parallels Toolbox for Windows and Mac software – which features a comprehensive suite of simple single-purpose tools, with new tools added every few months – is so loved by our customers. Now, people whose computing tasks involve presentations, screen and video work, or disk and system optimization, can get Parallels Toolbox Packs, which each feature a collection of one-click tools tailored for their needs.”

Sean Bugler, a Parallels Toolbox customer and cloud solutions architect for the Metropolitan Transportation Commission in San Francisco, said, “Do Not Disturb, Hide Desktop, and Presentation Mode make my work life so much easier. Frankly, I don’t know of any application that does a fraction of what Parallels Toolbox is capable of. It’s the depth of usefulness that made this a no-brainer. I’m constantly figuring out new ways to put the tools to work.”

Parallels Toolbox Presentation Pack

With over 30 million PowerPoint presentations created daily, having quick access to time-saving tools that simplify preparation and ensure embarrass-proof presentations is vital. The Parallels Toolbox Presentation Pack ( includes these popular tools:

  • Presentation Mode – Avoid embarrassing disruptions. One click hides desktop files, blocks email and message notifications, prevents sleep mode, and automatically detects and adjusts resolution for external displays. It will even remember your desired settings for each external monitor and projector, and automatically make proper adjustments every time you reconnect 
    Demo video: “How to Avoid Mac Presentation Disruptions”
  • Launch – Simultaneously open multiple applications, files, folders and links with one click. Stop searching for all the assets you need every time you work on a project. One click opens all your selected elements at once. You can even change the order in which they are launched by dragging them up or down the list. 
    Demo video: “How to Open Multiple Files with One Click”
  • Do Not Sleep – Prevent disruptions and inconvenient logouts: Disables all system settings that cause the computer to sleep, and prevents screensaver activation as well, with just one click.

Windows and Mac versions of Parallels Toolbox Presentation Pack each include the following tools: Airplane Mode (demo video), Alarm, Date Countdown, Do Not Disturb (demo video on PC or Mac), Do Not Sleep (demo video on PC or Mac), Eject Volumes (demo video on PC or Mac), Hide Desktop (demo video on PC or Mac), Lock Screen (demo video on PC or Mac), Launch (demo video on PC or Mac), Presentation Mode (demo video on PC or Mac), Record Audio (demo video), Stopwatch, Switch Resolution (demo video) and Timer.

Parallels Toolbox Screen and Video Pack

Bloggers, marketing professionals, vloggers, developers, and anyone who needs to capture activity happening on their screen will save time with the Parallels Toolbox Screen and Video Pack ( 

  • Record Screen – Easily record video of your entire screen with your desired resolution and audio source. Record an area, screen or window with just a click, with options to specify a 1–5 second delay before recording begins, highlight mouse clicks, specify the file, pre-select audio source (same as system, display audio, built-in microphone or mute), choose resolution, and select destination such as desktop or folder. 
    Demo video: “Record Your Screen”
  • Convert Video – Drag almost any video to the tool on your PC or Mac, such as your favorite movie or TV show, to convert it to MP4 so it can be played on tablets and phones. 
    Demo video: “How to Convert Video to MP4 on My Mac”
  • Download Video – In just one click, download videos from your favorite Internet websites to watch offline anytime. Select your desired resolution (1080p, 720p or 360p) and location where you want your video saved for convenient access. 
    Demo video: “Download Videos from the Internet”
  • Create GIF – Quickly and easily create a GIF with any video source. Use the convenient start/end selection mechanism, use zoom control for precise frame selection, add text captions (move, resize and color), select size and framerate, and use a “reverse” GIF option. 
    Demo video: “How to Make a GIF”

The complete set of Parallels Toolbox Screen and Video Pack for Windows or Mac includes the following tools, and several have links to demo videos:

Parallels Toolbox System and Disk Pack

Just one click can free up valuable disk space or unblock functions that slow your computer’s performance. Parallels Toolbox System and Disk Pack for Windows or Mac (, a one-stop resource to keep your computer running efficiently, includes:

  • Clean Drive – Reclaim disk space before you run out. Quickly scan and detect duplicate files for easy review and removal, discover the largest files, remove temporary OS and application files, and free up potentially gigabytes of space with just a click. This tool monitors your drive and periodically reminds you to run it to remove useless junk in the filesystem (old logs, caches, mobile device backups, and more,) for better PC or Mac performance. 
    Demo video: How to Clean Drive and Free-up Space on My Mac
  • Free Memory – Reclaim RAM memory and optimize its consumption on your Mac. Add this Free Memory tool to the menu bar to easily check how much RAM is available with just a click and reclaim available memory.

The complete set of Parallels Toolbox System and Disk Pack tools are listed below, and those with demo videos include links to watch:

Availability and Pricing

Free trials of Parallels Toolbox Presentation Pack, Parallels Toolbox Screen and Video Pack, and Parallels Toolbox Disk and System Pack for both Windows or Mac, are available exclusively at Each Parallels Toolbox Pack is available for US$9.99 annually.

Separately, free trials of Parallels Toolbox for Windows or Mac, Parallels’ most comprehensive suites of time-saving single-purpose tools, are also available. They include every tool in each of the Parallels Toolbox packs for PC or Mac, plus many more tools. Additionally, new useful tools are added to the Toolbox about every three months, making it an indispensable one-stop resource. Product details, free trials and US$19.99 annual subscriptions are available exclusively at

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