Parallels Customer Experience Program

To make our products better, we use a variety of ways to gather customer feedback, including customer support requests, problem reports, and other types of feedback.

Our Customer Experience Program (CEP) is a new way to contribute to the design and development of Parallels products. This program enables you to provide us with the essential information about the hardware configuration of your host computer and virtual machines, the features you use, and problems you face. Based on this information, we will be able to improve Parallels products and the features you use more often.

If you choose to participate, we will be automatically collecting information about your hardware configuration and the way you use Parallels products. We will not collect any personal data, like your name, address, phone number, or keyboard input.

The program is voluntary and aims at making Parallels products better fit your needs.

How does CEP work?

If you choose to participate, CEP will automatically start to collect information about how you use Parallels products. Data collected from you and other participants is combined and thoroughly analyzed to help us improve Parallels products.

What does CEP collect?

CEP collects only some of the following information depending on the product:

  • Hardware configuration of your host computer
  • Software configuration of your host computer and virtual machines (the names and versions of the operating systems and software installed in them)
  • Configuration files of virtual machines
  • Software configuration of your Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager infrastructure
  • Information about policies and software packages that you deployed via Microsoft SCCM
How often does CEP send data?

Typically CEP sends the collected information to Parallels first on the 7th day after you joined the program, and then, depending on the product, the information can be sent once in 2 weeks or once in 3 months (quarterly). The information can also be sent at other times.

Will I be contacted or receive spam if I participate?

No. Your contact information is not collected by CEP, which means you will not be contacted because of your participation in the program.

If I choose to participate, can I opt out later?

Yes. You can leave the program any time by editing the Feedback option in the products preferences.

How does Parallels protect my privacy if I choose to participate?

CEP does not collect any private information or information that can be used to contact you. More details on how Parallels protects your privacy are provided in the Customer Experience Program Privacy Policy.