Quickly complete common computing tasks in just a click or two, instead of wasting time learning to use many multi-step utilities.


Bellevue, WA, USA – June 29, 2017 – Parallels® (parallels.com/about), a global leader in cross-platform solutions and creator of industry-leading software for running Windows® applications on a Mac®, today launched Parallels Toolbox for Windows (parallels.com/toolbox) to streamline common computing tasks.

“Parallels Toolbox for Mac received an outstanding response after its initial launch last August, so we decided to bring these time-saving benefits to Windows users,” said Jack Zubarev, Parallels president. “Now, whether you use a PC or Mac, you can simply and quickly get tasks done on either platform.”

Parallels Toolbox for Windows is a go-to resource for accomplishing daily tasks, at a lower price than even a single competitive utility. Tools include the ability to easily download and convert YouTube videos, take specialized screenshots, block your computer’s built-in camera and record a video of your screen. Everyone from computer newbies to business pros can save time and effort by using this well-designed set of tools.

Parallels Toolbox for Windows:
• Archive: Create compressed archives from your files to save space or easily share files
• Block Camera: Block the built-in camera so applications will no longer have access to it
• Capture Area: Take a screenshot of a part of the screen
• Capture Screen: Take a screenshot of the entire screen and save in different formats (PNG, JPEG, TIFF, PDF and GIF)
• Capture Window: Take a screenshot of a single window
• Convert Video: Convert many video types to MP4 so they can be played on phones and tablets
• Do Not Disturb: Disable notifications and animations that would interrupt your work or presentation
• Do Not Sleep: Prevent the computer from going to sleep
• Download Video: Download video from the Internet to the computer
• Eject Volumes: Eject all external hard drives, memory cards, network volumes and mounted disk images with one click
• Hide Desktop: Hide icons on the desktop for clutter-free presentations
• Lock Screen: Lock screen to prevent unauthorized access
• Launch: Open several items—such as applications, folders, links or other files—all at once with just one click
• Mute Microphone: Mute the computer’s microphone
• Record Area: Record video from a selected area on the screen
• Record Audio: Record audio from the microphone
• Record Screen: Record video of the entire screen
• Record Window: Record video from a single window
• Take Photo: Take photos immediately using the PC’s camera
• Take Video: Immediately use the computer camera to take video with the click of a button
• Unarchive: Unpack various file compression formats—such as RAR, RPM, XAR, and Z—so you can use the files

Availability and Pricing 

Free trials of Parallels Toolbox for Windows 1.0, as well as Parallels Toolbox for Mac 1.7, are available online today exclusively at parallels.com/toolbox. Each version is available for $9.99 per year, and includes free future updates with additional tools as they are added.

About Parallels
Parallels is a global leader in cross-platform solutions that make it possible and simple for customers to use and access the applications and files they need on any device or operating system. We help customers take advantage of the best technology out there, whether it’s Windows, Mac, iOS, Android™ or the cloud. Parallels solves complex engineering and user experience problems by making it simple and cost-effective for businesses and individual customers to use applications wherever they may be—local, remote, in the private datacenter or in the cloud. Visit parallels.com/about for more information.

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