Excellent tool for on the road access to desktops!

I have tried several and this one so far is the best at using iPad to manage a desktop PC remotely. We run our real estate machines and home machine while on the road and even out of the country. Great!!

- bob

Works Like A Champ!

I am often out of my office working with clients and accessing the information that is on my office computer is both useful and can be necessary. Having Access makes using that information a snap. It is shocking how many native Microsoft program perform as though they were written for the iPad. Don't know how it works, but it does.

- john

A must have

This app makes my life so much easier. Being able to access my desktop PC from my iPad is a must anymore. Deadlines are not an issue any more.

- rglass

Everything I could ask for

great solution to the remote access issue, using the iPad's interface. I use Parallels Access to write and edit documents on my Mac whenever I have a minute. I can use my Mac programs in places I never could before. Well done.

- arnoldlaw

New way of remote access through iPad

Cool app, I use it to quickly access my PC laptop from my iPad. Quite a handy tool for remote work with MS Office on iPad, that's my primary case for this application.

- msudyin

Turned my iPad into portable workstation!

This software is so natural in it's approach that you almost can't believe this isn't how an iPad should work with Macs and PCs. I can now keep my workstation in one place and if I need to walk to others to talk about topics or show off some new code, I can literally pick up the iPad, walk there and connect back to my workstation and show people. Every once in a while a software product like this re-ignites my desire to innovate in software design in ways I haven't thought of before. Thank you Parallels for such an awesome tool.

- thomas.walker