Parallels Toolbox
Disk and System Pack

Available on macOS and Windows.
More than a dozen time saving tools to help optimize your work day.

Parallels Toolbox – Advanced Mac Cleaner APP for OS X
  • Created with basic and power users in mind. Also made for small business owners, developers, or IT users who need to save space with a simple set of tools.
  • Easily optimize your hard drive storage with tools like Clean Drive, Find Duplicates, or Free Memory to free up extra disk space.
  • Be in complete control of your privacy with system tools such as Airplane Mode, Disable Camera, Lock Screen, and Mute Microphone.
  • Manage your ever-changing workflow with Archive for your files, Eject Volumes for external drives, or Switch Resolution for monitors.

“Parallels Toolbox update includes Presentation Mode, video editing tools, much more. Parallels Toolbox, an ever-growing suite of handy single-purpose tools that simplify common computing tasks to just a click or two, has received a major update for both Mac and PC users. New tools and key features include presentation mode, capture for lengthy webpages, free memory reclaim, quick resolution switching, and time-saving tools to download and edit videos or make a GIF. A Parallels Business Edition also launched today, which gives IT the control they need to easily provide employees with tools to be more productive.” -9to5Mac

“In general, I'm not a fan of multi-purpose software or devices, but Parallels Toolbox ($19.95 a year for Windows or Macs with a 7-day free trial) is an exception.
It's a simple suite of utilities that's always handy. And, like a handyman with a real toolbox, I found myself opening it up several times a day….” -Forbes, Larry Magid

“The new Parallels Toolbox suite of easy-to-use tools simplifies tedious everyday computing chores down to just a click or two, so PC users can quickly get the job done and supercharge their productivity.” -CIO, PCWorld, ComputerWorld, CMO, CSO, ARN and TechWorld

“I work with a lot of images in a day, and being able to carry out batch resizing or switch between file formats easily is a massive time saver. I've used this to batch convert well over 100 images and it handled it quickly, easily and effortlessly, and was much better than my previous workflow that involved either Photoshop or using SnagIt.” -ZDNet, Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

“Parallels Toolbox is a Swiss Army knife for Windows 10. Parallels Toolbox brings together some of the most popular tools for productivity and wraps them nicely into one convenient space.” -WindowsCentral, Sean Endicott

“With Parallels Toolbox Business Edition, IT administrators can manage and deploy tools in one go, saving time and reducing help desk tickets according to the needs of each employee.” -Mac Treasure Tracing Club, Japan

All Included Tools

Mac Airplane mode APP for OS X


Airplane Mode

Quickly and easily turn off all wireless communication: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, and more.


Compress files with one click to use less storage space. Unarchive any archived files, RAR, zip, and more.

Block Camera

Block the built-in camera, making it inaccessible to applications.

Clean Drive

Keep your Mac clutter-free and running at max speed. Scans, detects, and lets you choose what to delete.

Download Video

Download your favorite videos from the Internet: Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and many more.

Eject Volumes

Eject all volumes mounted on your desktop, including local removable volumes like external hard drives and memory cards, network volumes and mounted disk images.

Find Duplicates

Search any drive or folder to quickly find identical files (even with different names) and free up disc space. Now available for Windows.

Mac Free memory APP for OS X


Free Memory

Free up unused computer memory.

Lock Screen

Immediately lock your screen to prevent unauthorized access to your computer—no need to wait until the password-protected screen saver kicks in.

Mute Your Microphone

Prevent unauthorized or unwanted listening by other applications.

Switch Resolution

Quickly switch screen resolution. This tool is especially useful to those who find the macOS resolution settings a bit too limited.


Unpacks various file archive formats.

Mac Hidden Files APP for OS X


NEW! Hidden Files

Show or conceal hidden files or folders on your computer.

NEW! Sleep Timer

Count down from a specified time to send the computer to sleep, or shut it down.

Mac Uninstall APP for OS X


NEW! Uninstall Apps

Remove applications and their files from your Mac. Or, detect and remove files from applications that have already been uninstalled.