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We are ending sales of our Parallels Workstation product lines in order to focus on some different market segments and products. Effective immediately, you will no longer be able to purchase new licenses or renew maintenance agreements.

Technical Documentation

Document Name
Readme for Parallels Workstation RTF
Getting Started With Parallels Workstation PDF
Parallels Workstation User’s Guide PDF | XHTML
Parallels Transporter User’s Guide PDF | XHTML
Parallels Mobile Quick Start PDF
Parallels Python API Reference PDF
Parallels C API Reference PDF | CHM
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4. How to create a Problem Report ID Jul 28
5. Troubleshooting network problems with Parallels Desktop for Mac and Parallels Workstation Extreme May 11
6. How to change or reset password for My Account? May 11
7. Troubleshooting issues related to migrating a PC to Parallels Desktop for Mac Virtual Machine May 11
8. About Parallels Desktop for Mac 8.0.18608 May 11
9. About Parallels Desktop for Mac 8.0.18494 May 11
10. The error message 'HAL.DLL file is missing or corrupted' appears during Windows Guest OS boot. May 11
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