Corel’s statement on the conflict in Ukraine

We are heartbroken by the ongoing humanitarian crisis unfolding in Eastern Europe as a result of Russian President Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. As a company that operates in the region, many of our people have been impacted by this conflict, and since this situation began, we have been singularly focused on supporting our teammates and colleagues, as well as the needs of our customers and partners.

Our company works with a number of contractors based in Ukraine, and we took immediate action to support them through our local partners. We also made the decision to terminate operations in Russia and stopped all sales into Russia and Belarus. We are committed to complying with new sanctions that arise and have business continuity plans in place to help minimize disruption to our customers outside of these regions.

Our thoughts are with all those who have been impacted. We stand with the world community that is calling for peace and are matching global employee donations to the Red Cross in support of Ukraine.

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