Distribution / Reseller Restrictions

You understand and acknowledge that only authorized distributors, retailers and resellers which are specifically authorized by Parallels may distribute, retail and resell Parallels products. In the event that You are selected by Parallels to become an authorized distributor, retailer or reseller, You agree that You will not distribute, retail or resell Parallels products or Services to any purchaser that is not an authorized distributor, retailer or reseller of Parallels products. If You are not certain whether a purchaser is an authorized distributor, retailer or reseller of Parallels products, You agree to not to distribute or sell Parallels products to any such entity unless you have obtained written consent from Parallels in advance of such distribution or sale. In addition, as a distributor, retailer or reseller of Parallels products, You represent and warrant that you will not knowingly distribute or sell (i) any counterfeit, illegal or fraudulent products which purport to be genuine Parallels products; (ii) any Parallels Products which were originally intended for distribution or sale in a geographic territory outside of the territory in which Parallels has granted You rights of distribution, retail or resale; or (iii) Parallels Products which were not originally intended as full commercial versions such as educational, trial, upgrade, OEM versions or versions which were offered under promotional campaigns. Parallels has the right to terminate this Agreement immediately in the event that You breach any of the obligations set forth in this paragraph.

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