Download Parallels Virtual Automation

Parallels Virtual Automation is now included with Parallels Cloud Server.

Parallels Virtual Automation streamlines operations and reduces the complexity of managing physical and virtual servers — including containers and virtual machines. Through self-service and automation, administrator’s can lower costs and efficiently manage their infrastructure from anywhere.

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Operating SystemManagement NodeAgent
Windows build: 6.0-2567 (April 11, 2014) 6.0-2567 (April 11, 2014)
Linux build*: 6.0-2567 (April 11, 2014) 4.6-1722 (July 7, 2011)
Linux build**: 6.0-2567 (April 11, 2014) 6.0-2160 (Jan 24, 2014)

*Download this version for PVCfL 4.6
**Download this version for PSBM 5.0, PVCfL 4.7 and PCS 6.0

Downloads — Auto-installer
Linux i386 pva-setup-deploy.i386 (8.0MB)
Linux x86_64 pva-setup-deploy.x86_64 (5.7MB)
Windows pva-setup-deploy-gui.exe (728KB)
Downloads — Management Node
Linux i386 pva_mn-linux-i386-6.0-2160.tar.gz (267MB)
Linux x86_64 pva_mn-linux-x86_64-6.0-2567.tar.gz (284MB)
Windows (183MB)
Downloads — Agent
Linux i386* pva_agent-linux-i386-4.6-1722.tar.gz (232MB)
Linux x86_64* pva_agent-linux-x86_64-4.6-1722.tar.gz (262MB)
Linux i386** pva_agent-linux-i386-6.0-2160.tar.gz (246MB)
Linux x86_64** pva_agent-linux-x86_64-6.0-2160.tar.gz (278MB)
Windows (92MB)
Mac OS X pva-setup-4.6-1507.dmg (105 MB)

*Download this version for PVCfL 4.6
**Download this version for PSBM 5.0, PVCfL 4.7 and PCS 6.0

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