Software Update Service (SUS)

Parallels’s Software Update Service (SUS) is our software maintenance program. SUS streamlines the process of keeping your servers up to date with the latest critical patches and updates to new releases.

SUS is available to Parallels Service Providers purchasing one or more of the following products:

  • Parallels Plesk Panel
  • Parallels Helm
  • Parallels H-Sphere
  • Parallels Confixx
  • Parallels Plesk Expand
  • Parallels SiteBuilder
  • Parallels Automation
  • Parallels Business Automation Standard
  • Parallels Virtuozzo Containers
  • Parallels Bare Metal

With your initial purchase of the software, SUS will be activated for one year allowing you to upgrade to the latest version of your Parallels software or update currently installed software with the latest patches, fixes, and minor releases. Prior to your first year purchase anniversary date you will have the opportunity to renew your Software Update Service subscription for 25% of the base retail price of your license key(s).

SUS Facts:

  • SUS is included with your initial license fee(s) allowing you to update Parallels software to new releases for a period of 12 months from the time of purchase.
  • SUS is required to update your software licenses to new releases.
  • SUS is an optional service for Parallels license owners.
  • SUS can be renewed yearly for 25% of the retail price of your license key(s).
  • SUS is not transferable and is issued to a specific software license key and its owner.

SUS saves you money and keeps your software up to date. Don’t forget to ask your sales representative about SUS!

Note: SUS does not include product support or installation services. Should you require product support or installation services, please visit

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- Parallels Automation 雲基礎設施
- Parallels 商業自動化
- Parallels 商業自動化標準
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