Download Parallels Access on your remote device from the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store for Android. Install it on your iPad, iPhone or Android device and create your Parallels Account to get started. The easiest way to create your Parallels Account is to do so from inside the Parallels Access app on the your iPad, iPhone or Android device. Need more help?

Get Your Agent

Follow the instructions to download and install the appropriate Parallels Access Agent for each Mac or PC you would like to access. Need more help?

Purchase Your Subscription or TRY IT FREE

Subscription packages are available for both individual and business needs. Every subscription includes unlimited remote access, free upgrades, and 24/7 customer support. Or, TRY IT FREE.

지금 KRW 21,990/YR

Parallels Access 지원 리소스

기타 KB 논문, 동영상 튜토리얼, 제품 설명서 등을 포함한 기타 Parallels Access 지원 옵션에 대해서는 각 제품별 지원 페이지를 참조하시기 바랍니다.