Message from the CEO

Nature, economies and our day-to-day life have one thing in common: they work in a series of cycles as constant as waves rising and falling in the ocean. Life may have felt the same for many of you over the past year, with many ups and downs, as it has been a tough year for workers and businesses across the globe.

At 2X, we’re pleased that this year has seen the addition of many well-known customers and a significant expansion of our partner channels. We’ve expanded our partner channel, establishing partnerships with Samsung, TechData/Azlan, Dell, Lifeboat Distribution and many others, bringing our total to over 1,500 partners worldwide. We’ve also strengthened our ties with you, our channel partners, and have opened three new offices in Central Europe, the United Kingdom and Australia, headed by dedicated SBC sales channel experts. Our work has not gone by unnoticed, with 2X receiving numerous awards, including being named a CRN Emerging Vendor for 2009.

I’m excited about the upcoming year, as companies at all levels continue to use virtual computing services to increase margins through cost savings, and continue to turn to 2X as the premier reliable, cost-efficient option for virtual computing solutions.

As our business partners, you are vital to this process, and we welcome emails, phone calls and communication from you if you’d like to discuss any part of our work with us, or become more involved.

From all of us at 2X Software, I want to thank you for your confidence and supporting us during such an exciting year as 2009. We wish you all the best for the new year and hope we can help your business to grow through partnering with the 2X brand!

Best regards ,
Nikolaos Makris
CEO, 2X Software