In our last blog post we talked about the explosion of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and how enterprises need to start Embracing BYOD. One of its most popular advantages is mobility, but without Wi-Fi access this scheme cannot work. In other words BYOD needs Wi-Fi to shine. Wi-Fi Hotspots are all over the place, from coffee shops to libraries, trains and even hospitals. The question is, are these Wi-Fi Networks Secured?

Picture this, you’re an IT Administrator, and the company you work for has recently adopted a BYOD scheme. Since then, you have noticed a wave of new devices logging onto the corporate network. You are starting  to worry that this uncontrollable access can open wireless backdoors into the enterprise network, malicious activity, leakage of sensitive data, and exposure to malware. Then another wave comes along, when employees start losing the Wi-Fi password and you start giving out the password uncontrollably. Before your company adopted the BYOD scheme you could easily deny Wi-Fi access to employees since it has traditionally been a weak point in network security. But you can’t do that anymore, so you end up giving away the password on Sticky Notes, emails etc. You are sick and tired of the complexity BYOD has brought onto your workload. Not only everyone keeps nagging you for passwords but the network has become too slow with all those devices connected to it -which you have no idea where they came from and who is managing them. You even get the heebie-jeebies that employees may give the Wi-Fi credentials to someone they are not supposed to, leading to exposure of important and confidential corporate data. You then realise ‘’Jeezzzz, BYOD is indeed a nightmare’’!

Imagine if you could easily push passwords to all the mobile devices connected to your network without revealing it to the end user. No more Sticky Notes and annoying users. What if there was a way to identify Rogue Wi-Fi points and control the level of access each device has on your network! What if I told you that you can finally embrace the BYOD scheme and have peace of mind at the same time. 2X MDM puts an end to your BYOD nightmare! With 2X MDM you can Manage the Wi-Fi Settings of your devices so you have a secure network and at the same time control the devices connected to it. You can now have happy CEOs, nightmare free IT Administrators, productive employees and most important satisfied customers. After all Security always comes first!

 Sign up today for a free account and enjoy a good night’s sleep!

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