Parallels Remote Application Server

An integrated solution to virtualize your applications, desktops and data. Parallels Remote Application Server publishes applications and delivers remote and virtual desktops to any device in your network, anywhere.

Affordable, Lightweight, and Endlessly Mobile

Parallels Remote Application Server is a market leader for virtual Windows application publishing on any device, anywhere. It works with major hypervisors and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, providing mobile users with a seamless experience while increasing security and reducing IT costs. It’s simple and empowers mobile workers with the freedom and flexibility to work how they want. Learn More

Cut Citrix license cost up to 60%

Parallels Remote Application Server offers better value when compared to Citrix. It can reduce your XenApp and XenDesktop license cost up to 60%. Eliminate never-ending costs, complex implementations, and time-consuming maintenance. Learn More

Easy to deploy and manage

Within just a few minutes, IT managers can publish applications using intuitive configuration wizards. Manage RDSH and VDI-hosted applications and desktops from a single pane of glass. Put a Terminal Server into production with a few clicks, and simplify the management of peripheral redirection, load balancing, and user access. Learn More

Outstanding mobility experience

The Parallels Client supports a wide range of devices and workstations such as PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, ChromeOS, Raspberry Pi and thin client.

“With Parallels Remote Application Server, licensing costs have significantly reduced when compared to Citrix. We are able to easily create a stable network environment that is easy to deploy and manage.”

Dale Hobbs Manager, Network and Security Systems, LUSH Handmade Cosmetics

Effortless Mobility

Deliver applications, desktops, websites, and drives to any user, regardless of the operating system, computer, or mobile device in use. Working remotely is now straightforward. Learn More

Application delivery

Deploy applications with a rich and high-performance RemoteFX experience on any device. Access your files and applications across all your devices—smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Remote session desktop & VDI virtual desktop

Provide access to remote desktop services, hosted resources, and VDI to any user on any device. Deliver the same features and functionality, with the same interface, regardless of the technology in use. Learn More

Peripheral redirection

Transform any device into a full workstation with printing capability. Local Print redirection for HTML5, iOS, Linux, Chrome OS, Android, Raspberry Pi as well as drive redirection for Linux, Android, Raspberry Pi, and Windows. Authenticate Linux and Windows users with smart card redirection.

Explore How Your Company Can Benefit from
Parallels Remote Application Server

Maximize Your

Remote Desktop


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Maximize Your Remote Desktop Services
The revolutionary potential of remote desktops is just being tapped. This article will illustrate how remote desktops can help companies work more efficiently and effectively, reducing costs and harmoniously integrating solutions such as thin clients. In addition, by delivering applications and data straight to thin clients, remote desktops simplify digital policies by centralizing data directly onto the company’s server.

Migrating from

Citrix XenApp (IMA / FMA) to

Parallels Remote Application Server

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From cutting costs to extending the limits of your IT infrastructure, there are many reasons to move from Citrix XenApp application and desktop delivery system to Parallels Remote Application Server solution. See how easily you can migrate to Parallels Remote Application Server from Citrix XenApp.

End of Life

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Microsoft Windows Server 2003 End of Life
With Windows Server 2003 reaching its end of life, businesses faced a challenge: spend money and time on switching to a newer version of Windows Server, with all the haste that accompanies bad decision-making, or fail. This paper shows how Parallels Remote Application Server offered another solution by supporting enterprises through the transitioning process.


Gain insight into your infrastructure with constant monitoring of user activity, devices and OS used, server health, and application usage. Parallels Remote Application Server offers this feature with a standard license—without extra cost. Locate suspicious activity and identify compromised users to mitigate social engineering threats. Learn More

Comprehensive security

Centralize and protect your data with SSL encryption as well as authentication and DMZ deployment options. Protect your assets from loss and leakage to meet compliance and risk management policies

Real-time monitoring

Monitor server workload and active remote connections in real time. Check out user, device, and group activity at one go, from the central console.

Intuitive reporting

Obtain a clear analysis of your infrastructure performance, usage, and risk. End user session visibility indicates the main offenders and the applications or desktops they have used. Learn More

Fast Starting

Parallels Remote Application Server is the first RD broker connection on the market with a user-friendly approach. A set of automated Wizards revolutionizes the management of terminal servers and VDI.

Terminal Server Configuration Wizard

Put in production and administer your terminal servers to publish remote desktop and virtual applications in few minutes. Gain full control and maximize flexibility. Get Configured

Publishing Applications Wizard

The Parallels Application Publishing Wizard helps administrators publish applications to users. In just four steps, administrators can quickly identify and deploy applications installed on available terminal servers. Publish Apps

Invitation email

An invitation email is automatically sent to new users with instructions on how to install the Parallels Client and automatically configure access to Parallels Remote Application Server. Connect with Users

Load Balancing – High Availability

Setting up load balancing for terminal servers and gateways is made easy, without any need for complex configuration. Parallels Remote Application Server ensures complete terminal server and gateway redundancy by checking availability before forwarding a connection.

Workload-based balancing

Distribute workload among servers and gateways based on the resources availability. Improve user experience dramatically with the built-in load balancing. Learn More

Simplified business continuity

Easily add extra gateways, publishing agents, and backup servers to your configuration, to guarantee effective and reliable business continuity. Learn More

Gateway high availability

Ensure the availability of key services and applications. Achieve redundancy and resilience by eliminating single points of failure. Make your datacenter unstoppable.

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