What’s New in Parallels RAS v15.5?

The latest version of Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) streamlines desktop and application delivery with improved scalability and versatile performance. It also features an enhanced mobile experience within iOS and Android clients supporting native touch gestures. New deployment options are also available for Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

New and Improved Parallels Client for iOS and Android

New iOS and Android clients for Parallels RAS now feature unique Applification™ technology that enables desktop applications to be used with familiar touch gestures, as if they were native apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

  • Support for the latest RDP protocol capabilities including RemoteFX Progressive, as well as H.264 and ClearCodec for better client performance on non-Windows clients.

  • Adjustable printing and scanning compressions that provide the best printing experience on clients.
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Cloud Support

Cloud support for on-premise, hybrid, and public clouds, such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, giving IT administrators increased agility with improved performance.

This offers new capabilities for delivering applications and server-based desktops with Windows Server 2016 support.

Scalability and Versatile Performance Improvements

Parallels RAS components have received a significant number of optimizations, ultimately resulting in improved scalability, performance, and resilience.

  • Easy scalable due to the newly introduced active-active architecture support which allows the capacity to be easily increased. This results in enhanced system resilience, high availability, and a better end user experience.

  • Performance optimizations for heavy workload scenarios across all Parallels RAS components: Publishing Gateways, Web Portal, Client Device Manager, and Reporting

Microsoft PowerShell API


Parallels Remote Application Server enables administrators to manage their Parallels RAS deployments using Microsoft PowerShell. The PowerShell module allows Parallels Remote Application Server administrators to automate various configuration operations and also create automatic scripts for repetitive and complex tasks.

Windows PowerShell is Microsoft’s command line shell and scripting language. PowerShell is built on the Microsoft .NET Framework and helps in system administration. By providing full access to COM (Component Object Model) and WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation), PowerShell enables administrators to perform administrative tasks on both local and remote Windows systems.

What Else is New?


Windows Server 2016 Ready

New capabilities for delivering applications and server based desktops with Windows Server 2016 support


Parallels HTML5 Client

Better end user and end point experience with the Parallels Client (desktop) enhanced features, or use of HTML5 client to launch applications and desktops. The Parallels HTML5 Client offers a lightweight and powerful option for application publishing.

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Advanced Printing Options

Printing has been enhanced with adjustable printing and scanning compressions and an increased number of virtual printers that can be created on a single server for improved stability and performance.


Performance improvements to Parallels Client for iOS, Android, macOS and Linux

You can now benefit from the latest RDP protocol capabilities including RemoteFX Progressive, as well as H.264 and ClearCodec for better client performance on non-Windows clients (iOS, Android, macOS and Linux).


Microphone redirection support on mobile and Mac clients

Microphone redirection is now supported on Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets to enable sound recording functionality in applications.