What’s NEW in Parallels RAS v16

Parallels RAS v16 – Version 16 of Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS) continues to offer the best value among application and desktop delivery solutions, with several improvements that affect the performance and ease of use of the software. These across-the-board improvements especially affect virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployment, offering application containerization, enhancements to the user’s mobile experience, and improvements to the Parallels RAS farm by allowing PowerShell commands and integration with Turbo.net.

Turbo.net Support

With its integration with Turbo.net, Parallels RAS v16 allows for the containerization and provisioning of applications from the Turbo.net library. This lets administrators publish different versions of the same applications from the same server. Because the applications are not affected by the underlying OS, the application can be installed directly on any version of Windows server. This eliminates conflicts, missing dependencies, and errors, improving the ease of use that Parallels RAS offers.

Parallels RAS v16PowerShell Support

Administrators can also leverage version 16’s support for Microsoft PowerShell v2.0. With PowerShell, IT administrators will be able to utilize automatic scripts, letting them tackle complex configurations and repetitive tasks in a simpler, more streamlined way. This lowers company TCO and allows administrators to employ best practices that ensure a seamless end-user experience.

Parallels RAS v16VDI Improvements

To further streamline the deployment and management of the VDI environment, the new version of Parallels RAS provides customizable VDI templates, clones, and linked clones. To support the improvements, v16 also provides a personalized version of Sysprep. Parallels RASprep allows administrators to prepare and automatically configure Windows desktops, reducing lead time. These features will increase the flexibility Parallels RAS offers its end users and administrators.

Users of Parallels RAS v16 can simultaneously deliver desktops from Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer and VMware ESXi. Moreover, administrators can now also effectively leverage hyperconverged solutions like those offered by Nutanix and HPE.

Mobile and HTML5 Client Improvements and Updates

Version 16 of Parallels RAS continues to build on its excellent mobile experience by offering updated clients for iOS and Android devices. These clients now offer shortcut customization that simplifies the use of applications that require complex keystrokes. Moreover, to continue improving the security features of the solution, access to applications delivered on iOS can also be protected by using device passcode and Touch ID®. This version of Parallels RAS also provides improvements to the HTML5 Client, letting administrators white label the Parallels HTML5 Client to offer a customized, personalized look and feel for users or user groups.

What’s Next

Parallels RAS v16 provides users with a powerful application and desktop delivery solution, ready to support the steady growth the virtual workspace sector is expected to experience over the coming years. If you would like to try it out for yourself, download a free 30-day trial.

In order to explain the advantages of this latest version, we also have prepared a few short videos on the new enhancements and features of v16.

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