Enhance Financial Services IT Solutions with Parallels RAS

  • Increase productivity with quick and secure access to financial applications, desktops, and data on any device, from anywhere.
  • Reinforce the data security of your financial service IT solutions with a wide range of features and tools for extra layers of protection.
  • Increase flexibility by implementing bring-your-own-device (BYOD) or choose-your-own-device (CYOD) protocols.

Help Your Organization Succeed with Parallels RAS


Make Windows applications and desktops accessible from anywhere, on any device.


Provide secure, compliant, on-demand access to virtual workspaces and data.


Switch between devices, including mobile, in the office or home.

Case Studies

Learn why banking and finance organizations have chosen Parallels® RAS for
application delivery and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

Kawaguchi-Shinkin Bank

With 45 branches in Japan, Kawaguchi-Shinkin Bank was concerned with the security levels of the PCs at each site. Due to increasing amounts of cyberattacks against various organizations, the bank wanted greater levels of security and reduced operational costs. Parallels RAS provided a thin-client environment, resulting in the risk of bank data leaks dropping to even lower levels.

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Easy, Secure Access to Banking and Finance Apps

Parallels RAS provides employees with quick, easy and secure access to
line-of-business (LOB) financial applications, desktops and data.

Data protection

Mitigate data security risks by allowing organizations to control access to corporate data from a central location. Parallels RAS supports robust authentication mechanisms—such as two-factor authentication, smart card authentication and device and IP address granular filtering—enabling organizations to control who can access information.

Business continuity

With Parallels RAS, load balancing provides financial institutions with consistent, fast and reliable access to published resources anytime. Parallels RAS is straightforward when building a high-availability environment, which can be accomplished without significant time or budget overhead.

BYOD and CYOD options

Empower employees to bring or choose their own device. Parallels RAS delivers employees instant and secure access to applications and data on any device, including iPad®, Mac®, Android and more.

Kiosk mode deployment

With Parallels RAS, IT administrators can use the kiosk mode to convert any Windows workstation into a pseudo thin client. Pseudo thin-client mode increases the control over employees’ activities. It also allows IT to securely repurpose old hardware (such as machines running Windows XP and Windows 7), allowing any PC to work with any Windows application.

Streamline Finance and Banking IT

Centralized management for applications, server-hosted desktops and data.

Easy installation and deployment

Parallels RAS facilitates the deployment and maintenance of virtual infrastructure by providing auto-configuration wizards and pre-tested templates to manage virtual applications and server-based desktops. This allows IT staff to spend less time on operational aspects and focus on more important projects. Administrators can install drivers, patches and applications once on the server farm, with every user benefiting from the update.


Instantly scale your server farms up or down to cater to business demands. Parallels RAS provides a reliable and easy-to-scale infrastructure that mixes and matches Microsoft RDS, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware EXSi and hyperconverged solutions such as Nutanix Acropolis, and HP.

Seamless user experience

Parallels RAS utilizes unique Applification technology, allowing employees to use the native touch gestures of their mobile devices—such as swipe, drag and tap to click or zoom—to improve their productivity while on the go. Enable the use of Touch ID and passcodes to further secure the access to your applications, desktops and data.