Do more with your Mac + Windows apps

Bring all your favorite applications together — using your favorite piece of Apple hardware. Run Windows apps, CAD software, and more seamlessly on your Mac.

Hancom apps

Enjoy the Windows version of this popular office suite on your Mac and avoid compatibility issues when working on .HWP files and more.

Hancom Word

Use Hancom’s word processing software on your Mac.

Hancom Cell

Use Hancom’s spreadsheet software on your Mac.

Hancom Show

Use Hancom’s presentation application on your Mac.

Hancom PDF Editor

Use Hancom’s PDF editing and management software on your Mac.

Hancom Office NEO

Use Hancom’s integrated office suite of applications on your Mac.

Hancom Office Space

Use the cloud-based Hancom office suite apps side-by-side with Windows and macOS apps.

Hancom Mail

Use Hancom’s email application on your Mac.

Development tools and apps


Easily build and manage VMs for lightweight, portable development environments on your Mac.


Use GitHub Desktop for both macOS and Windows development environments on the same physical machine.

Visual Studio Code

Enjoy the powerful features and extensions of this popular open-source code editor on your Mac.

Data analysis and analytics apps


Enjoy the full range of data connectors on your Mac as you build data visualizations and deliver insights with Tableau. Avoid compatibility issues when running Tableau side by side with Windows-only, macOS, or cloud-based apps.


Illustrate workflows and build data visualizations while running the Windows-only apps side by side with Mac applications. Minimize compatibility issues and improve your cross-platform collaboration capabilities.


Blend, cleanse, and analyze data seamlessly using your preferred Alteryx platform on your favorite Mac hardware.

Project management apps

MS Project

Plan projects, track progress, and manage resources with Microsoft Project on your Mac. Run this Windows app side-by-side with your favorite Mac applications.


Use your preferred Jira extensions, plugins, and add-ons in a Windows virtual machine while effortlessly collaborating with team members.

Visualization apps

MS Visio

Create visual representations of key business processes like flowcharts, process diagrams, and more using Microsoft Visio on your Mac.

Bluebeam Revu

Leverage your preferred Windows-only construction industry software for document markup, management, and collaboration on your Mac and minimize compatibility challenges.

Language and content creation apps


Use a virtual machine to run your favorite computer-assisted translation software on your Mac. Seamlessly manage multilingual translation projects and eliminate compatibility hassles.

Data management and database apps

MYSQL Workbench

Access the complete capabilities of MySQL Workbench on your Mac, with zero compatibility issues or frustrations.

E-Learning apps and authoring tools


Use the full-featured desktop version of Articulate360 for creating and deploying online courses and learning materials from your Mac.

Adobe Captivate

Create interactive and engaging online learning content and courses on your Mac, including the latest M-series Macs.


Author e-learning content and create training modules on your Mac side-by-side with Windows apps.

iSpring Suite

Experience this Windows-only tool on Mac and seamlessly build interactive multimedia presentations, quizzes, simulations, and courses designed for online training and education.

Video creation and editing apps


Easily use this screen recording and video editing software to capture, edit, and share high quality tutorials, presentations, and other videos on your Mac, right alongside your Windows apps.

Learning management systems (LMS apps)


Use this open-source learning management application to create online courses, manage content, and facilitate interactive learning experiences on your Mac, side-by-side with your favorite Windows apps.

Captivate Prime

Deliver online courses and manage your student’s learning experiences on your Mac. Track student progress and optimize educational outcomes using Mac and Windows apps simultaneously and seamlessly.

Graphic design and multimedia creation apps

Adobe Creative Cloud

Use the leading comprehensive suite of creative software applications and services side-by-side with Windows apps on your Mac. Access all the tools you need for graphic design, photo and video editing, web development, digital art, and more while running both Windows and Mac OSs.

GIS (geographic information system) apps


Create, manage, analyze and visualize spatial data on your Mac. Use this Windows-only mapping, urban planning, natural resource management, and environmental analysis software without compatibility challenges on your preferred Mac hardware.


Edit, manage, analyze, and display geospatial data and maps for a wide range of industries and applications using this Windows-exclusive software seamlessly on your Mac.


Run this open-source software side-by-side with Windows apps on your Mac, and easily edit, visualize, and analyze geospatial data for a variety of mapping and analysis purposes.


Use this Windows-only software on your Mac to visualize, analyze, interpret, and present spatial data for informed decision-making across various industries and applications.


Perform geospatial data management, analysis, modeling and visualization on your Mac right alongside any Windows applications you may require.

Mapping and spatial analysis apps

Global Mapper

Enjoy this versatile and user-friendly Windows-only app on your Mac and view, edit, convert, and analyze spatial data from multiple sources.

Google Earth Pro

Access advanced features like high resolution imagery, geographic data importing, and measurement tools for professionals to explore, analyze, and visualize the earth’s surface on your Mac, side-by-side with your favorite Windows apps.


Experience cloud-based platform that enables users to analyze, visualize, and share location intelligence data through interactive maps and spatial analytics on your Mac, right alongside key Windows apps.


Use this Windows-only software on your Mac to visualize, analyze, interpret, and present spatial data for informed decision-making across various industries and applications.

Geospatial data management and analysis apps


Get this open-source extension from the PostgreSQL database that enables spatial data storage, management, and analysis on your Mac. Perform advanced geospatial operations within a relational database environment alongside your preferred Mac and Windows apps, simultaneously and seamlessly.

Design and visualization apps

Adobe Illustrator

Enjoy the industry-leading vector graphics editor and create and edit scalable graphics, illustrations, and artwork for print, web, and multimedia projects on your Mac, side-by-side with your favorite Windows apps.

AutoCAD Map 3D

Create, visualize, and document 3D models and designs with precision and efficiency on your preferred Mac hardware while seamlessly and simultaneously running key Windows applications.

Trading and finance apps

Rithmic Trader Pro

Use this popular Windows-only trading platform and execute trades, manage your portfolio, and analyze markets on your preferred Mac hardware.

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