Use Vagrant with Parallels Desktop

Use Vagrant with Parallels Desktop

Manage the virtual machines and development environments you create with Parallels Desktop using the Vagrant plugin.

Unlock the full potential of virtual machines on your Mac for software development, cross-platform testing, and more.

Trusted by industry-leading software developers

"Parallels Desktop is primarily used for testing Microsoft Windows browsers within macOS. Running Microsoft Windows 10 within Parallels allows us to test both the Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge browsers for front-end development. It can also be used to run Windows-specific software that will not work in macOS, as well as add support for writing to NTFS drive partitions."

IT engineer

"Parallels are used to run VMs locally on MacBook developer machines - most commonly to run Windows applications or to check bugs and code pertaining to Windows from the standard-issued MacBooks. This is important as, while development productivity is highest using MacBooks, our customers are more often using the UI tools on Windows for authoring tasks."

VP, cloud computing company

"I realized the Parallels hypervisor is actually much better when it comes to resource usage. Apple's hypervisor often uses double the amount of RAM."

Web developer

Start building and distributing development environments with Vagrant and Parallels Desktop

See what you can accomplish with Vagrant and Parallels Desktop

Concentrate on your code without worrying about your setup and environment. Use Vagrant to easily create and manage portable development environments across platforms and in different operating systems with Parallels Desktop Pro.

Cross platform development

Cross platform development

Fast-track your software development across platforms with the power of Vagrant plus Parallels Desktop. Manage all your tasks in a single workflow and use Vagrant commands to control your VMs, regardless of the OS or platform.

Cross platform testing

Cross platform testing

Use the integrated Vagrant extension to automate your workflows and easily create isolated testing environments and test in various OSs.

Seamless Collaboration

Seamless Collaboration

Share your Vagrant boxes or Vagrant environments with fellow developers and other collaborators using HTTP or SSH Vagrant sharing.

Streamline VM workflow

Streamline VM workflow

The Vagrant extension for Parallels Desktop enables you to automate your development workflows, therefore decreasing setup time, increasing production parity, and ensures that your code works wherever it needs to work.

Remote debugging and access

Remote debugging and access

Using Vagrant Share, you can grant access to colleagues, collaborators, and anyone else who needs it, making it useful for remote debugging, pair programming, and more.

Finely tuned VM configurations

Finely tuned VM configurations

Customize all the Parallels-specific aspects of your virtual machines, like virtual machine names, creating optimized linked clones, modifying VM settings with prlctl, and automatically updating Parallels Tools.

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Parallels Desktop Pro Edition

Authorized by Microsoft icon Authorized by Microsoft

Optimized for Mac M-series icon Optimized for Mac M-series

Billed annually
  • Use 200,000+ Windows apps
  • Access the full range of Vagrant capabilities
  • No need for a second machine to run Windows, Linux, or MacOS
  • Switch between macOS and Windows or Linux effortlessly

Start using Vagrant on your Mac with Parallels Desktop

Download Parallels Desktop icon

Download Parallels Desktop

Download and install Parallels Desktop on your Mac.

Install Vagrant icon

Install Vagrant

Once installed, install the Vagrant plugin.

Run your development environment on Windows, MacOS, or Linux

Run your development environment on Windows, MacOS, or Linux

After installing Vagrant, you can run development environments that can live on your computer or in the cloud, and are portable between Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

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200,000+ apps and integrations

Run all your favorite Windows apps on Mac.

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Visual Studio

Use Parallels Desktop to develop in Visual Studio on your Mac.

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Access projects and extensions and contribute to the Parallels Desktop GitHub community.

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Start building and distributing development environments with Parallels Desktop and Vagrant