Run Microsoft Office 365 on your Mac

Run Microsoft Office 365 on your Mac

Do you love everything about your Mac — except how you can’t use the Windows-only plugins for Microsoft Office 365? Solve that problem with Parallels Desktop and access a wider range of tools and features plus seamlessly leverage Windows-only Office plugins on your Mac.

You can even use your Windows perpetual licenses on Mac with no additional cost.

Only with a 1-year subscription.

Trusted by over 7 million Mac users worldwide

"Parallels Desktop is the go-to app for the new MacBooks. It helps me use Microsoft Office 365."


"Great to use other OS seamlessly on Parallels Desktop. I can run Microsoft Office and PC gaming natively. I tried VirtualBox, but Parallels Desktop is much more seamless and value for money."

Parallels Desktop Customer

"I am a long time Windows user as CIO in corporate environments and wanted to try Mac OS and hardware but not willing to give up certain Windows apps, like Microsoft Office, that either did not exist on Mac OS or were not as full-featured on Mac OS. I used VMware Fusion for years, and their product updates were relatively infrequent, and overall product quality seemed to be deteriorating. I got Parallels Desktop and found it to be more reliable, faster, and full-featured."

Retired CIO/Software Developer

Here’s why Microsoft Office 365 is better in Parallels Desktop

Missing the full functionality of your favorite Microsoft Office apps and plugins?

Your solution is here — running a virtual machine with the Windows OS on your Mac enables you to use the plugins and features you need for peak productivity. Maximize the value of your Microsoft Office subscription with Parallels Desktop.

Use macros for advanced automation
Run Visual Basic Scripts
Run Microsoft Office apps on your Mac
Use Windows-only plugins
Windows PowerShell integration
Preserve your Microsoft Office 365 perpetual licenses
Get the full SharePoint experience
Use the Office 365 keyboard shorts and interface you prefer

See what features are available in Windows Office vs Mac Office

Feature Office 365 on Mac Office 365 on Windows
Visual Basic Scripting capabilities No Yes
Ability to use macros No Yes
Microsoft Access Database No Yes
ActiveX Controls No Yes
Sharepoint Designer No Yes
PowerShell No Yes
Full Salesforce feature integration No Yes
Full Adobe Acrobat feature integration No Yes
Grammarly APIs No Yes
Full Evernote feature integration No Yes
Full Zapier feature integration No Yes
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Parallels Desktop for Mac

Authorized by Microsoft icon Authorized by Microsoft

Optimized for Mac M-series icon Optimized for Mac M-series

Billed annually
  • Use 200,000+ Windows apps
  • Access the full range of Microsoft Office 365 features
  • No need for a second Windows machine
  • Switch between macOS and Windows effortlessly

How to download Microsoft Office 365 on Mac with Parallels Desktop

Download Parallels Desktop icon

Download Parallels Desktop

Download and install Parallels Desktop on your Mac.

Install Windows icon

Install Windows

Once installed, set up a new virtual machine and install Windows.

Launch a virtual machine icon

Launch Microsoft Office

After installing Windows, you can run the Windows version of Office 365 and enjoy its full feature set and functionality, right from your Mac.

*Windows license and Microsoft Office 365 licenses required.

Using Microsoft Office on Mac FAQs

See what you are capable of — with Parallels

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200,000+ apps and integrations

Run all your favorite Windows apps on Mac.

See all the apps
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Enjoy the full functionality of Microsoft Outlook on your Mac.

Learn more about Outlook
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Get all the Excel features you require on your Mac.

Learn more about Excel

Learn more about Microsoft Office 365 and Parallels Desktop

What’s the difference between Microsoft Excel on Mac vs. Windows?

Windows Excel offers more features, better support, and a more comprehensive feature set compared to the Mac version.

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What’s the difference between Microsoft Office 365 on Mac vs. Windows?

The primary difference between Microsoft Office 365 on Mac and Microsoft Office 365 on Windows is that the Windows version offers more features, functionalities, and integrations. In addition, there are variations in the user interface based on the underlying OSs.

Learn more

Can I ensure that Windows file types (e.g., .xlsx or .docx) are automatically opened by the appropriate Microsoft Office 365 program?

Yes, here’s how to automatically open a file from Finder in a Windows program:

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Access the full power and capability of Microsoft Office365 on your Mac for only $99.99 a year with Parallels Desktop

Enjoy Microsoft Office365 on Mac, plus other key Windows applications without the need for a PC.