Run Windows Outlook on Mac

Run Windows Outlook on Mac

Do you miss certain key features of the Microsoft version of Outlook, but also can’t live without your Mac?

There’s a solution and it is Parallels Desktop. Run the Windows version of Microsoft Outlook (as opposed to the Mac version, which lacks full functionality) and enjoy the advanced features that power users love.

Trusted by over 7 million Mac users worldwide

"It works so well, it’s easy to go from MAC to windows. I need to work in Microsoft Office and Outlook and am not able to do it without Parallels Desktop."

Medical Practice Manager

"It’s amazing to be able to fully use Windows on my Mac! I am a legal counsel, so I mostly use the Window's Word, Excel, Outlook, and Teams."

Senior Legal Counsel

"My goodness! It has transformed how I use my Mac. First up, I am not happy with Microsoft's version of Outlook for Mac. Parallels Desktop allows me to get to the Windows version. Same thing with OneNote (which doesn't link to the Mac version of Outlook). Secondly, it allows me to have the elegance of a Mac coupled with the utility of Windows."


Here’s why Outlook is better in Parallels

Missing your favorite tools and third-party plugins in the Mac version of Outlook? Or would you simply prefer the Windows Outlook interface and integration with Microsoft Access?

Integration with Microsoft Access
Advanced Calendar features
VBA Support
Keyboard shortcuts and navigation options
Integration with Windows-specific services
Third-party plugin support
Interface design

See what features are available in Windows Outlook vs Mac Outlook

Features Outlook on Mac Outlook on Windows
Share availability (free/busy) information, calendar, or contacts with an external user No Yes
Manage Exchange Server distribution lists No Yes
Synchronizes contact groups with Exchange No Yes
Synchronized, collaborative To-Do lists No Yes
Exchange Yes (via EWS & REST) Yes (via MAPI)
EAS No Yes
Connect to Exchange over HTTP No Yes
Conversation view Yes (Showing messages from other folders for a given conversation is not supported.) Yes
Exports into .pst No Yes
Voting buttons No Yes
Message recall No Yes
Ignore and Clean Up actions No Yes
Preview attachments in mail messages (in cloud) No No
Online Archive Yes Yes
Archive Yes (for Exchange 2016 and later) Yes
Auto-archive for folders No Yes
Save as other (HTML/TXT) No Yes
Show/hide message header No Yes
Customize folder order No Yes
Sync filters No Yes
Send message defaults No Yes
Set folder retention policy No Yes
Online images No Yes
Add posts No Yes
Find related messages No Yes
Send mail as distribution list No Yes
Moderator approval or rejection of incoming messages to a distribution list No Yes
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Parallels Desktop Standard Edition

Authorized by Microsoft icon Authorized by Microsoft

Optimized for Mac M-series icon Optimized for Mac M-series

Billed annually
  • Use 200,000+ Windows apps
  • Access the full range of Microsoft Outlook features
  • No need for a second Windows machine
  • Switch between macOS and Windows effortlessly

Start running Windows Outlook on your Mac with Parallels Desktop

Download Parallels Desktop icon

Download Parallels Desktop

Download and install Parallels Desktop on your Mac.

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Install Windows

Once installed, set up a new virtual machine and install Windows.*

*Windows license required

Launch Microsoft Outlook

Launch Microsoft Outlook

After installing Windows, you can run your favorite Windows apps and software, play PC games, and more right from your Mac.

Using Microsoft Outlook on Mac FAQs

See what you are capable of with Parallels

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200,000+ apps and integrations

Run all your favorite Windows apps on Mac.

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Access the full power and capability of Microsoft Outlook on your Mac starting at a year with Parallels Desktop

Enjoy Microsoft Outlook on Mac, plus other key Windows applications without the need for a PC.