Fast-track software development on your Mac with Parallels Desktop

Fast-track software development on your Mac with Parallels Desktop

Streamline your workflow by efficiently switching between operating systems and browsers on your Mac while maintaining high performance and security.

Smooth and fast cross-platform testing from your Mac

With Parallels Desktop you get the best of all worlds, without compromises when it comes to performance and security. Develop and test for all other popular platforms.

Develop Windows client software on your Mac

Develop Windows client software on your Mac

Unlock the power of cross-platform development and testing.

Perform Smooth and Fast Cross-Platform Testing

Perform smooth and fast cross-platform testing

Seamlessly test your software across different operating systems without the need for multiple physical machines.

Front-end testing for websites

Front-end testing for websites

Ensure optimal performance and compatibility for your web projects by effortlessly conducting tests across multiple browsers and operating systems.

Legacy Windows Apps Maintenance

Legacy Windows apps maintenance

Manage legacy apps without hassle, providing ongoing support and enhancement for your software.

Why software developers love Parallels Desktop on their Mac computers

  1. VM templates

    Quickly set up virtual machines with pre-configured operating systems and software. No more time creep with creating new VM instances from scratch.

  2. Automated snapshots and backups

    Easily roll back to previous states and secure your Mac development environment.

  3. Custom virtual networks

    Simulate complex network environments and set up specific configurations for testing and debugging your deployment projects.

  4. Up to 32vCPU and 128 GB vRAM per VM

    With Parallels Desktop, your development projects will have the necessary resources to handle demanding workloads efficiently.

Unleash the power of cross-platform development on your Mac

Parallels Desktop is designed to maximize the flexibility and compatibility of your cross-platform development environment. Discover how you can concentrate on your code without worrying about your setup.

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Elevate your cross-platform testing

Parallels Desktop provides support for both Windows and Linux testing. Explore how you can guarantee your software's dependability on diverse platforms and operating systems.

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Bridge the gap: combine Mac and Windows development environments effortlessly

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