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Unleash your academic potential with Parallels Desktop

Welcome to a new era of educational innovation. Mac and Windows environments combine to improve the learning experience for students and teachers alike.

Prepare for the future of education with the combined power of Mac and Windows.

Provide today’s students and faculty with an integrated Mac and Windows experience that empowers them with the right tools to learn on their platforms and software of choice.

In-classroom software compatibility

In-classroom software compatibility

Use Windows Applications into Mac environments, allowing students and educators to focus on learning and teaching, not compatibility challenges.

Flexible learning environments

Flexible learning environments

Whether in the classroom or on the go, access coursework and critical software from any Mac device and ensure that learning knows no boundaries.

Bring your own device (BYOD) flexibility

Bring your own device (BYOD) flexibility

Students and teachers can use their personal devices of choice and still access the required software and applications in a virtualized environment, regardless of device type or operating system.

Boost academic productivity

Boost academic productivity

Enjoy quick launch times, smooth transitions, efficient multitasking, and the operating system of your choice. Get the edge to excel in your coursework.

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Why choose Parallels Desktop for education?

  1. Access to Windows-exclusive software

    Many applications are designed for Windows, creating a compatibility challenge for Mac users. Parallels Desktop seamlessly allowsWindows applications to run a Mac environment.

  2. Freedom of OS choice

    Students and faculty who are more comfortable or familiar with a specific operating system can continue to leverage that familiarity, ultimately enhancing their productivity and efficiency in coursework.

  3. Device cost savings

    Instead of investing in a separate PC, students and educators can utilize their Mac devices for all tasks, including running Windows-specific software, resulting in substantial savings on hardware expenses.

  4. Educational discounts

    Take advantage of special educational pricing offers on a cost-effective solution for institutions, teachers, and students.

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Parallels Desktop for Mac Education Edition

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Frequently Asked Questions

* - Only the 64-bit version is supported.