Integrate your GitHub workflow with Parallels Desktop Pro

Integrate your GitHub workflow with Parallels Desktop Pro

Take your development process to the next level with Parallels Desktop plus GitHub. Parallels Desktop has over 30 projects hosted on GitHub — join us and actively participate in enhancing the extensions and tools you use every day.

Help shape the future of the products you love!

Trusted by industry-leading software developers

"I'm using Parallels Desktop to have multiple operating systems all on one device. I can set the CPU, RAM, and hard disk according to how many sources I need. This app is really stable and supports almost all operating systems. Also, it’s possible to sync files between the local device and virtual machine."

System Specialist

"Parallels has been my go-to virtual platform for testing new versions of macOS and for setting up my PC desktop engineer environment. It is so powerful that I can easily use the virtual PC and avoid needing a physical PC laptop in addition to my Mac laptop."

Systems Engineer

"I use Parallels to run older versions of Mac OS X on my MacBook Pro for the purposes of testing apps on older versions of Mac OS. Parallels does this job perfectly, by allowing me to easily boot up older versions of the OS at leisure. I also run Windows 10 in Parallels so I can use PC-only apps that are not available on OS X."

Web and Mobile Developer

See what you can accomplish with GitHub and Parallels Desktop

Use GitHub to easily share your code, find solutions, upload it to repositories, access Parallels Desktop extensions and tools, and even contribute to the open-source projects Parallels hosts on GitHub.

Collaborate with your peers

Collaborate with your peers

Store, track, and collaborate on software projects in GitHub, using the most relevant OS for a given project or issue.

Contribute to existing projects

Contribute to existing projects

Get valuable plugins and extensions while contributing to over 30 existing projects and repositories like the Parallels Desktop Visual Studio Code extension, the Vagrant plugin, Packer templates and examples, Parallels Desktop Command Line scripts, AWS Terraform automation, and the Parallels Desktop Driver for Docker Machine.

Cross platform problem-solving

Cross platform problem-solving

Access tools and resources, discuss challenges, and share solutions to cross-platform development problems with fellow developers and IT professionals on GitHub.

Simplified workflows

Simplified workflows

Use Parallels Desktop plus GitHub as part of your everyday development workflow. Find answers, upload your work, and actively contribute to the community.

Find the extensions and tools you need

Find the extensions and tools you need

Explore the various Parallels plugins, extensions, and tools available on GitHub, and take your cross-platform development skills to the next level.

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Parallels Desktop Pro Edition

Authorized by Microsoft icon Authorized by Microsoft

Optimized for Mac M-series icon Optimized for Mac M-series

Billed annually
  • Use 200,000+ Windows apps
  • Access the full range of features
  • No need for a second Windows or Linux machine
  • Switch between macOS, Linux, and Windows effortlessly

Integrate GitHub into your Parallels Desktop experience

Download Parallels Desktop icon

Download Parallels Desktop

Download and install Parallels Desktop on your Mac.

Install Windows icon

Install Windows

Once installed, set up a new virtual machine and install Windows and/or Linux.

*Windows license required

Open GitHub icon

Open GitHub

After installing your OSs, you can set up your virtual machines and development environments on your Mac. Then go to the GitHub repository to find the projects you want and integrate them into your workflows.

Parallels Desktop plus GitHub FAQs

See what Parallels – and you – are capable of

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200,000+ apps and integrations

Run all your favorite Windows apps on Mac.

See all the apps
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Manage your virtual machines and development environments.

See Vagrant app
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Visual Studio

Use Parallels Desktop to develop in Visual Studio on your Mac.

See Visual Studio app

Learn more about GitHub and Parallels Desktop

Get the Parallels Desktop Extension for Visual Studio Code from GitHub

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Access the Parallels Driver for Docker Machine

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Skip or remove shared Home folders in Parallels VMs

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Use Parallels Desktop and GitHub in every one of your development workflows