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Frustrated by the complexity and limited capabilities of your existing Remote Desktop Services (RDS) setup? Do you find yourself constrained in deployment and migration choices? Parallels RAS is the solution to these challenges faced by RDS users. With advanced capabilities, deployment options, and streamlined features, Parallels RAS addresses the shortcomings of traditional RDS environments.

Parallels RAS also empowers organizations to adapt to the evolving work habits of their workforce and facilitates flexible working arrangements, whether your teams are working from home or in the office.

While Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) offers robust capabilities, it does come with certain limitations and trade-offs

Hybrid and migration

Lack of flexibility in supporting remote working practices or teams as well as not supporting phase-out migration plans.

Complex configuration

Setting up and configuring RDS can be complex, especially for users not familiar with the technology.

Security concerns

RDS is complex with aging technologies and requires a lot of configuration to ensure protect from cybersecurity threats.

Lack of innovation

Continually managing RDS deployments can be cumbersome due to the manual and unintuitive process involved.

Limited user experience

Lack of features to support day-to-day workforce productivity.

Extend RDS Environments to the cloud icon

Extend RDS Environments to the cloud

Parallels RAS simplifies the expansion of on-premises IT infrastructure into hybrid or cloud configurations, offering smooth integration with Azure Virtual Desktop, Azure IaaS and AWS EC2.

Its adaptability supports dynamic scaling, utilizing both cloud and current resources efficiently. It also enables phased migration plans, allowing a progressive shift towards greater reliance on cloud services.

With Parallels RAS, businesses gain enhanced features and versatility in transitioning their IT environments beyond just on-premises setups.

Feature RDS RAS
True multi-cloud admin Very limited Yes
Transparent mix and match AVD resources support Not available Yes
Dynamic scaling, with ease No Yes
Infrastructure support On-premises On-premises cloud (Azure/AWS) Hybrid
Reduce complexity icon

Reduce complexity

Parallels RAS can help reduce the complexity of traditional RDS deployments. It helps centralize administration tasks and offers wizard-driven guides for the latest user profile management. Setting up and configuring RDS can be complex, especially for users not familiar with the technology.

Parallels RAS provides distinct features that either go beyond the capabilities of RDS or are not available in RDS, contributing to a simplification of the overall system.

Feature RDS RAS
User session metrics No Live session data
FSLogix integrated management No Seamless integration
Load balancing remote access RD Gateway and 3rd party Secure gateway with integrated load balancing + support for 3rd party
Active Directory Microsoft AD Microsoft AD Azure AD (IdP)
Up-level security to better protect icon

Up-level security to better protect

Parallels RAS can improve the security and compliance of RDS environments with out-of-the-box support for the latest TLS protocols, and the latest end user sign in capabilities to offer more protection against cybersecurity threats.

Parallels RAS offers features and support not available with native RDS.

Feature RDS RAS
Let's Encrypt SSL/TLS Certificate Management No Yes
Integrated multi-factor authentication No (third party only) Yes
FIPS 140-2 compliant Yes No
Optimize and automate IT admin tasks icon

Optimize and automate IT admin tasks

Integrating Parallels RAS into RDS deployments eases the IT team's workload by introducing automated features like autoscaling, image optimization, and a centralized management console, replacing manual, inefficient processes.

Feature RDS RAS
Single console Limited Yes
Auditing of reverting of admin actions No Yes
Image template management Not built in Yes
Certificate installation Manual Yes
Optimize and automate IT admin tasks icon

Improve productivity and user experience

RDS faces challenges in providing an optimal modern workplace experience for a company's employees. Parallels RAS brings an array of features to enhance the user experience, making it more efficient and conducive to productivity. It acknowledges and supports the increasing trend of hybrid and remote work styles, offering greater flexibility in daily operations.

Feature RDS RAS
Universal printing Limited Yes
Drag and drop No Yes
Accelerated file retrieval No Yes
Custom browser user portal No Yes

Why choose Parallels RAS to enhance RDS deployments?



Choose how to deploy your IT environment; hybrid, on-premises, cloud, or in the cloud.

User experience

User experience

Parallels RAS offers a flexible, device-agnostic remote working and collaboration environment.



Provides a straightforward digital workspace with a single console for IT admins, ensuring easy management.

Enhanced security

Enhanced security

Incorporate robust security and compliance features, offering reliable cybersecurity protection.

Total Cost of Ownership

Total Cost of Ownership

An all-in-one solution that ensures quick deployment, 24/7 support and straightforward licensing.

To find out more about Parallels RAS, visit the main product page: https://www.parallels.com/products/ras/remote-application-server/

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