Solutions for Manufacturing

  • Improve productivity by providing real-time access to information at every endpoint in the manufacturing process, from any device and location, including facilities and production sites.
  • Enhance security by centralizing and monitoring all corporate data, establishing the right level of secure access for every user.
  • Increase flexibility by scaling your IT infrastructure on demand and centrally managing multi-cloud deployments.

Help Your Manufacturing Business
Grow with Parallels RAS


Easy access to your desktops, applications and data—available anywhere, anytime.


Secure access to data and applications across various production sites.


Allow users to switch between devices, including mobile, at different facilities.

Case Studies

Learn why manufacturing organizations have chosen Parallels RAS for
application delivery and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

CCL Design

At its manufacturing facility in Scotland, CCL Design Electronics deployed a virtualization infrastructure using Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) as a standalone Solution. However, the IT team struggled to provide flexible virtualization to its 500 concurrent users. Parallels RAS provided secure, easy-to-use virtual application access to its employees working on Windows and mobile devices spread across the industrial space.

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Owned by Uniper, Maasvlakte Power Plant is a coal- and biomass-fired power station based in the Netherlands. Initially deploying a virtualization infrastructure using Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, the IT team struggled to manage end users who needed remote access to customized applications hosted on the shared network. Parallels RAS provided secure, easy-to-use virtual application access to end users working on any device with access to an HTML5 web browser while centralizing and streamlining the IT infrastructure.

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Tech-24 offers complete foodservice equipment repair and maintenance services in the US. Needing a comprehensive virtualization solution to provide remote access to applications for its repair technicians, they initially implemented Citrix XenApp. However, it was too complicated and costly to maintain. Parallels RAS enabled the company to deliver remote applications to devices, anywhere. Additionally, Parallels RAS allowed Tech-24 to support public cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

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Centralize and Enhance Manufacturing IT

Reduce downtime in the manufacturing plant and maintain production targets by centralizing the IT infrastructure.

Fast installation and deployment

Parallels RAS simplifies the deployment and the maintenance of IT infrastructure by providing configuration wizards and automated processes to manage VDI and Microsoft RDS.

Deliver real-time information

Parallels RAS enables employees on the production floor to have access to production applications and data at any time. By delivering real-time information to employees on demand, manufacturing companies can make informed decisions faster and exceed production schedules.

Multi-cloud deployment

A collaborative supply chain that utilizes cloud deployments will better connect key stakeholders and provide real-time visibility, driving efficiencies and enhancing risk management. Parallels RAS allows IT to manage farms in a multi-cloud environment from a single pane of glass.

Run legacy and new applications on any device

Boost speed, accuracy and agility within the end-to-end supply chain by optimizing processes between legacy and new systems. Parallels RAS allows organizations to run their legacy applications alongside new applications on any device, including mobile and any web browser.

How VDI Can Help Your Business Survive the Pandemic—And Prevail in the Future


How VDI Can Help Your Business Survive the Pandemic—And Prevail in the Future

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Boost Manufacturing IT Performance

Parallels RAS provides manufacturing staff access to cutting-edge technology across remote facilities.

Instant, continuous access

Parallels RAS load balancing helps IT administrators create a high-availability solution without significant time or budget overhead. Organizations can provide users with high-performance, reliable and stable connections to virtual workspace anytime.

Streamlined application management

Parallels RAS centralizes virtualized application management, patches and deployment, enabling IT staff to update applications only once on the server and not on the device. Users have instant access to the latest software version from workstations, thin client and mobile devices—without local configuration.

CYOD, BYOD and out-of-the-box mobility

Provide manufacturing employees instant and secure access to line-of-business (LOB) applications and information on any device—including Windows, Linux, Mac®, iOS, Android, thin clients, Chromebook and more.

Reinforced security

Parallels RAS empowers manufacturing organizations to address data security issues by protecting information against unauthorized access. IT staff can determine user access policies by applying granular and advance filtering (by device, IP address, group and MAC address), two-factor authentication (2FA) and smart card identification.