"Parallels Remote Application server enables us to deploy our business applications at a global scale with minimal management required."

Mick McCann
IT Manager

The ChallengeA new solution that offers instant and reliable access to remote software.

CCL Design deployed a virtualization infrastructure using Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) as a standalone solution. However, they encountered difficulties in providing flexible virtualization to their global user base, who required concurrent access to shared applications.

The company also had deployed virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) through VMware. Additionally, CCL Design required a cloud-ready virtualization solution that would readily work with cloud services.

To create a more workable virtualization framework, CCL Design required a virtualization solution that would offer instant, reliable access to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software on remote devices connected to their hybrid cloud solution.

The TestCan Parallels RAS help streamline remote access?

CCL Design needed a solution that offers straightforward access to shared resources on many different devices that could be centrally managed by the IT team. This solution would hopefully simplify remote access and improve productivity among employees.

After testing many different remote applications, Parallels RAS stood out amongst competitors for a multitude of different reasons.

The SolutionParallels RAS chosen for improved infrastructure security, reduced costs, and flexibility.

Parallels RAS was easily deployed at CCL Design, providing employees with secure access to virtual applications across a range of Windows and mobile devices spread across the industrial space. Parallels RAS centralized the IT infrastructure and simplified access to manufacturing ERPs.

With Parallels RAS, CCL Design improved infrastructure security, reduced costs and provided employees with more flexibility and tools to boost productivity.

The ResultsSimplified and centralized remote access and vital cost savings.

CCL Design can now instantly tap into the solution’s built-in server load balancing. Even better, deploying Parallels RAS only took the IT team a few hours, enabling them to achieve significant savings on time and budget overhead. The high-availability inherent to Parallels RAS should keep machinery and manufacturing productivity running smoothly.

The company has also been able to provide a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy at the workplace.

Parallels RAS offers straightforward access to shared resources on many different devices, centrally managed by the IT team. The cherry on top is that the company can achieve further savings by extending hardware life, using Parallels RAS virtualization instead of buying new expensive PCs for its employees.

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