"Before, the virtualization solution was being managed by a third party. Now, with Parallels RAS, it’s easier for me to maintain a more flexible solution for our end-users."

Marcel Bleeker
Senior Process IT Engineer, Uniper Maasvlakte Power Plant

The ChallengeA solution that offers reliable remote access to all desktops and browsers.

Through third-party management, Uniper Maasvlakte Power Plant initially deployed a virtualization infrastructure using Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (previously Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop). However, the IT team struggled to manage end users who needed remote access to customized applications hosted on the shared network.

To create a more user-friendly virtualization framework for IT administrators, Uniper Maasvlakte Power Plant required a solution that would offer instant, reliable remote access to their tailor-made software on remote desktops and HTML5 web browsers.

Unfortunately, Citrix-based virtualization required highly trained staff with specific knowledge of the management of the product.

The SolutionParallels RAS chosen to improve security, reduce costs, and provide flexibility.

When Parallels RAS was deployed at Uniper Maasvlakte Power Plant, the business could provide secure, straightforward virtual application access to its employees working on Windows devices or any other device with access to an HTML5 web browser.

Parallels RAS enabled the power station to make the most of virtualization technology while also centralizing and streamlining its IT infrastructure. With this secure virtual desktop and application delivery solution, Uniper Maasvlakte Power Plant improved infrastructure security, reduced costs and provided employees with more flexibility and tools to boost productivity.

The ResultsParallels provided ease-of-use, cost savings, and streamlined application service.

Uniper Maasvlakte Power Plant was delighted that installing Parallels RAS only took the IT team a few hours. During installation, time-saving management wizards helped the organization smoothly roll out the solution to its employees across various facilities.

With Parallels RAS, the company has confidence that it can keep the energy production working smoothly without incurring unacceptable disruptions in service.

Furthermore, Uniper Maasvlakte Power Plant benefited from the much greater simplicity of Parallels RAS compared to Citrix. Before, the company was reliant on expensive third-party consultants to run the virtualization infrastructure. Now the on-site IT team can manage the solution itself.

With automated, out-of-the-box server load balancing included in the all-inclusive solution, the newfound ease of use saved the company valuable time and money by requiring less IT certification training, expensive consultants and end-user support requests. Best of all, the IT infrastructure can now be managed through a single pane of glass.

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