Parallels Client

Securely access Windows desktops and applications from practically any device—PCs (including ARM64), Mac, thin clients, Linux, Chromebook, iPad, iPhone, Android, and any web (HTML5) browser.

Parallels Client
Easy Deployment

Quickly enroll new users and enable access to published applications and desktops—all with a single click on the autoconfiguration link.

Every Parallels Client setting, including printing, network, bandwidth, security, and clipboard can be centrally configured on an individual or group level.

Parallels Client
High Performance

The Parallels Client can be distributed to end point devices, such as knowledge worker devices, providing a seamless experience wherever they are, regardless of the connection or device.

Improve applications' performance with built-in Parallels Client policies such as compression, fast file retrieval, and RemoteFX graphical enhancements.

Parallels Client
Seamless User Experience (UX)

The Parallels Client provides a local workspace-like experience on any device. Use native touch gestures—swipe, drag, tap to click, zoom in—with any Windows application on mobile devices.

With Session Pre-launch, Parallels® artificial intelligence (AI) analyzes user login habits to pre-launch sessions, significantly reducing login times and improving UX.

The Parallels Client is Available on All the Major Platforms

Download Parallels Client

Parallels Client for iOS/iPadOS and Android

Mobile printing

Through the Universal Printing redirection technology of the Parallels Client, iOS/iPadOS and Android devices can be used to print on locally-configured printers.

Secure Access

Employees can secure the Parallels Client by adding Touch ID or a passcode to open the application.

Password complexity

Password-complexity requirements are visible to users trying to change or create a new password for their account, providing an easier and more user-friendly experience.

Seamless navigation

Select text or graphics with one finger, and easily drag and drop content for a seamless interactive experience. Create custom keyboard shortcuts for frequently used operations to increase productivity. Use native controls and copy and paste between remote applications—or even between remote applications and local apps on your device.

Full-screen applications

Applications are adapted to fit the entire screen and be displayed in fine detail, making it easier to interact with them. Choose from optimal readability with larger text and images, or a view that includes information with smaller text and greater detail.

Touch Mode

Certain applications, such as those contained in Microsoft Office, are accessed from mobile "Touch Mode", which automatically enables the provision of bigger buttons and controls, promoting productivity on smaller screen devices.

iPad Multitasking Support

The Parallels Client for iPadOS supports multitasking features—such as Slide Over and Split View—so users can manage apps simultaneously, boosting productivity. For example, users can work on a Parallels RAS published resource and FaceTime at the same time.

Samsung DeX Support

The Parallels RAS Android Client supports Samsung DeX, so users can work anywhere, anytime using one device, promoting multitasking and productivity improvements. For example, users can drag and drop files between devices and use both the mobile and an external screen at the same time.

Mouse modes

From iPadOS 13.4 it’s possible to use a Bluetooth mouse or trackpad with iPads, providing greater precision. Parallels Client for iOS supports this new capability, increasing end-user productivity. Aside from Touch Mode, the “Dumbo” mouse mode enables a virtual mouse with two buttons and a pointer that appears on the screen to navigate effectively.

Parallels Client for Chrome OS and macOS


The Parallels Client for Chrome OS creates flexible virtual workspaces by enabling employees to run their Windows-based, Google, and SaaS applications simultaneously on Chromebooks.


The Parallels Client for macOS now features dynamic resolution support, high-level camera redirection, and clipboard support for formatted text and links.

Parallels Web Client

Any HTML5 Browser

Effortlessly work with Windows applications and desktops from any HTML5 web browser with the Parallels Web Client (formerly HTML5 RDP Client), gaining immediate access without any installation. Set up instant web access with one click in the Parallels RAS Console, enabling employees to work securely from anywhere.

White labeling and Customizations

The Parallels Web Client and Windows Client include customization capabilities within different themes, enabling organizations to update the user interface with their branding and color scheme.

Thin Clients

Parallels Client works seamlessly with the major thin clients, including IGEL Technology, HP, 10ZiG, Atrust, Centerm, and VXL. Parallels Client has been developed in collaboration with each thin-client vendor to ensure an optimized user experience. It enables users to have a local desktop-like experience, with instant access to published applications, desktops, and data. Other thin clients not listed here may also be used depending on thin client-specific features.
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Aspire Indiana

Aspire Indiana

“We have replaced about 90% of our devices with Chromebooks and Chrome-boxes thanks to Parallels RAS.”

Brandon Patton

System Administrator


How do I install Parallels Client?

Please view our Resources Guides to learn more about installing the Parallels Client for the specific platform required.

How do I get help installing or using Parallels Client?

If you require assistance to install or use Parallels Client, please contact your system administrator or IT help desk. They have the necessary setup information required to resolve your questions.

I have a previous version of Parallels Client. Do I have to remove it?

No, you do not need to remove the older version. The latest version of Parallels Client automatically overrides the existing version, streamlining the upgrade process.

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