"High-quality cross-platform support is the #1 benefit of the switch from Citrix to Parallels RAS. Now we can efficiently deliver desktops and applications to Linux, Macintosh, and Windows devices with ease."

Todd Zacharias
Manager IT Network Systems
W.S. Badcock Corp.

The ChallengeExcess amounts of terminal servers made managing the company difficult

With more than 370 stores located in 8 states, Badcock has approximately 1,400 users who require access to corporate resources. The company had to use a large number of terminal servers that published applications and desktops for remote users.

Citrix was used as their virtualization platform. However, different group policies had to be configured for different user groups. In addition, managing the large number of terminal servers and group policies was difficult to handle which ultimately became a challenge for the company.

Moreover, because users accessed resources from different operating systems including macOS, Linux, and Windows, providing cross-platform solutions was difficult to attain.

The TestWhat solution will provide adequate support and minimize the number of terminal servers?

Badcock needed to find a way to deliver desktops and applications to a range of devices and provide cross-platform support from one centralized location seamlessly.

Badcock realized that they needed to test the load balancing, HTML5 gateway, and application publishing features of Parallels RAS to see if they were the right solution.

The SolutionParallels RAS chosen for cross-platform support

Badcock chose Parallels RAS to deliver desktops and applications to a range of devices for Badcock’s 1,400 users, of which 1,000 were concurrent users.

The company published regulation applications such as MS Office and Internet Explorer, along with customized applications such as Storis Point of Sale.

Badcock’s solution relied on the application publishing, load balancing, and HTML5 gateway features of Parallels RAS.

The ResultsLower licensing costs, consolidation of IT operations, and easier management

Following the adoption of Parallels RAS, Badcock realized an immediate benefit to provide cross-platform support. From a centralized location, the company was able to publish desktops and applications to a diversified group of users working on a range of devices.

"The company was able to consolidate IT operations across all of its stores, which significantly lowered its licensing costs. The company was also able to reduce the number of terminal servers as well as the number of different application versions and group policies."

Todd Zacharias
Manager IT Network Systems
W.S. Badcock Corp.

Managing the entire infrastructure became easier and more efficient and administrative tasks were reduced. The High Availability Load Balancing (HALB) feature of Parallels RAS enabled Badcock to efficiently distribute peak traffic to available servers.

The company is planning to add additional terminal servers and is confident that Parallels RAS will enable them to efficiently manage its expanding infrastructure.

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