"As a managed service provider Parallels RAS exceeded our expectations. Not only did it handle our budget and security needs right off the bat, but it also opened new doors for us to grow and innovate. It's been a game-changer!"

Mark Gould
Mark Vincent, President
XenTegra ONE

XenTegra ONE, a data transformation company and the managed service provider division of XenTegra, specializes in crafting tailor-made hosted IT solutions to meet the needs of a variety of verticals (including banking, finance, semiconductor, bio tech).

They design, test, manage and host services across on-premises and hybrid. XenTegra ONE manages both their own and customers’ datacenters plus hosting data and applications across multi-cloud environments including Azure, AWS and Google Cloud.

The ChallengeCostly management, complexity, and security risks

XenTegra ONE was paying exorbitant management and licensing costs for the Citrix solution they were using.

They also found the solution to be very complex for what they needed. Getting up to speed required arduous, in-depth training.

In all, XenTegra ONE was looking for:

  • Competitive cost and licensing structure.
  • Simplified IT administration.
  • Enhanced remote access capabilities for their clientele.

The TestDiscovering Parallels RAS: Rapid deployment and seamless integration

XenTegra ONE discovered Parallels RAS at the Disrupt tradeshow and later attended the Parallels Partner Summit.

From the conversations Mark had, it was obvious that Parallels RAS offered massive potential.

Back at the office, he wasted no time.

Within one day, he deployed Parallels RAS with HALB and load balancers.

The simplicity and wide range of features impressed his engineers, who were able to publish applications and desktops with just a few clicks and without any problems.

Within a couple of weeks, XenTegra ONE was prepared to conduct Proof of Concepts (POC) with potential new clients where a single VM was set up within an hour and access to applications and desktops was granted to the client.

“To date, our clients have really needed only a few days—maybe up to a week—to play around with Parallels RAS. At that point, they are ready to publish desktops and applications for a small user group. It doesn’t take them long to see the value Parallels RAS offers. From start to finish, we can close a deal within a month” adds Mark.

Once established, clients will typically expand into additional groups of users and use cases which they’ve not previously considered for virtual desktops and applications.

The SolutionStreamlining remote desktop administration

With Parallels RAS, XenTegra ONE was able to simplify the administration of remote desktops and applications, significantly reducing overhead costs and enhancing the user experience.

For their bio tech and semi-conductor customers, XenTegra One could easily provide users with secure access to applications within development or simulation environments hosted in Azure.

Being agnostic means they use any of their own or their client's choice of hosted environment, allowing XenTegra One to provide managed services across on-premises, hybrid or multi-cloud environments. Parallels RAS unifies these into a single console making management and administration simple.

"Parallels RAS has been a critical addition to our toolbox. The set of tools provided is everything an MSP needs to solve their need at a much-reduced cost”, explains Mark.

XenTegra ONE does not white label Parallel RAS. As per Mark, “it’s an awesome solution, why white label? Sell it as is!”

The ResultUnlocking growth and cost savings with Parallels RAS: A 25-30% increase in six months

Within six months of implementing Parallels RAS, XenTegra ONE has seen 25-30% growth.

"The competitive pricing and licensing structure is good for our bank account and our clients are not losing functionality. It’s a win-win situation."

Mark Gould
Mark Vincent, President
XenTegra ONE

What has contributed to their overnight success?

  1. Reduced Citrix management: Without the need for a Citrix engineer, clients save at least $100k annually.
  2. Concurrent single licensing model: Streamlines deployment by retaining essential features and enables XenTegra ONE to offer monthly license rentals based on usage, reducing monthly costs.
  3. Simplicity: “Administration is 10 times easier. If a client needs assistance, a call is set up and at most takes 20 minutes to show them the ins and outs. A couple of quick trainings and the IT admin is up to speed.”
  4. Hardware savings: The ability to offer secure access to specific apps via HTML5 webpage means PCs are no longer required.
  5. Remote access for high performance computing: Easily provide users with secure remote access into a development or simulation environment. They can quickly pop in securely, do what they need to, and then pop out again.
  6. VPN replacement: Parallels RAS offers secure remote access without the complexity and security vulnerabilities associated with VPN solutions.

Mark isn’t the only one singing the praises of Parallels RAS.

His engineers back the solution 100% thanks to its simplicity, quick onboarding, streamlined [free] training sessions, and responsive support services.

Mark and his team take full advantage of the complimentary training and certifications which are part of the Parallels MSP Partner Program.

Compared to the competitors, Parallels is so much simpler.

"Parallels RAS does 97% of what the typical client needs.
The training sessions are great. The best way to train is to just use it."

Mark Gould
Mark Vincent, President
XenTegra ONE

His entire team will go through training. And XenTegra LLC (headquarters) has been so impressed with what they have seen and heard that they are going through the training as well.

As for tech support, “we really haven’t needed much support at all because everything just works. On one or two occasions where we needed help, the issue was resolved within a day. You can’t get much better than that.”

As for our future plans, XenTegra ONE aims to roll out a ‘No VPN’ policy and transition hundreds of their existing clients to Parallels RAS. “It's a better platform and offers more options”, explains Mark.

Parallels RAS is the main driver of their go-to-market strategy. Leads are coming in from campaigns that have just launched. “If I can get a POC going, the deal usually lands. Our track record is batting 1000%.”

"Why Parallels RAS? It's as straightforward as it gets. No frills, just solid performance. Does exactly what you need it to do, no questions asked.”

Mark Gould
Mark Vincent, President
XenTegra ONE
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