Parallels RAS 18.3.1 Extends Pen Pressure Support to the Web Client

Whether you are taking notes in a meeting or a classroom or creating original artwork, pen-enabled devices are increasingly popular.

The Parallels Web (HTML5) Client now extends pen support to browser-accessed virtual desktops and apps, including pen pressure sensitivity.

Business and Education users can now take full advantage of a seamless pen experience regardless of how they access their software—locally, from the Parallels Client for Windows or the Parallels Web (HTML5) Client.

Pen pressure support

The Parallels Web Client provides pen pressure support—ideal for creative applications.

Enabling Pen Support for the Parallels Web (HTML5) Client

Want to try it?

To enable pen support in the Parallels Web (HTML5) Client:

  1. Choose Profile > Settings.
  2. In the Windows Touch Input box, choose Enable.
  3. Select OK to apply the changes.

Parallels RAS administrators can also provide pen support in the Policy Properties window, by enabling the Windows touch input check box (in the Local devices and resources section).

Note: Pen input redirection is supported with the following software:

Interested in trying out pen support for yourself?

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