MSIX App Attach Integration Included in Parallels RAS 19

Parallels® RAS 19 is here! This new release builds on the features and innovations that have cultivated its reputation as a top-rated pick for delivering secure access to virtual desktops and applications on any device, from anywhere.

A primary goal of this release is to enable enterprises, independent software vendors (ISVs), and managed service providers (MSPs) to be more agile and extend their service offerings all from a single management console. MSIX app attach integration is part of the story.

What Is MSIX App Attach?

MSIX app attach is Microsoft application layering technology that uses the MSIX package format. The MSIX Windows app package format enables enterprises to stay current and ensure their applications are always up to date.

It allows IT administrators to deliver a solution focused on the end user while at the same time decreasing the total cost of ownership (TCO) by preserving existing application functionality and enabling new, modern deployment features.

Key benefits of this technology include:

By integrating MSIX app attach technology, Parallels RAS 19 provides a new and modern application delivery method for application packages.

MSIX App Attach in Parallels RAS 19

This new integration provides IT administrators with the ability to add and remove applications without directly installing the application on the session host locally.

Parallels RAS 19 offers IT administrators improved ways to deliver applications dynamically with application package management.

Key features include:

Common applications such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader can be installed on the operating system (OS), but departmental or group applications can be delivered dynamically to the same OS as if they are installed locally via a process that is transparent for users.

Key benefits include:

Learn more about how the MSIX app integration works in Parallels RAS 19 by watching this video.

Common Use Cases for MSIX App Attach Integration

Here are a couple of the most common use cases for MSIX app attach integration:

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