Chromebook sales started at a slow pace but quickly gained momentum. Today, out of the top 20 best-selling laptops, six are Chromebook models. Chromebook apps allow you to perform businesses processes remotely with ease. According to Gartner, sales of the Chromebook will reach 5.2 million units by the end of 2014. This is a whopping 79% increase from 2013. The major portion of sales comes from the education sector. However, various kinds of businesses are thinking of purchasing these mobile Internet devices. By 2017, sales are expected to triple to reach 17.7 million units.

Chromebook apps: Why is Chromebook popular?

A Chromebook is a laptop that runs Chrome OS and is optimized for Google apps like Gmail and Google Drive. With most Chromebook apps and data residing in the cloud, these devices are primarily used when connected to the Internet. They are small, portable and inexpensive. A Chromebook can be purchased for as little as $199 with tremendous return on investment, although there are expensive models (such as Pixel) that start at $1,299.

Chromebooks are very efficient and work at lightning speed, with boot times of between 4 and 10 seconds. The seamless integration with Google Apps makes it easy to work with commonly used apps, and the Linux-based OS is very reliable. The major drawback of a Chromebook is its incompatibility with Microsoft Office; as Microsoft applications are ubiquitous worldwide, this can be a huge concern. Although there are alternatives such as Microsoft Web Apps and Google Docs, these cannot offer the power and flexibility provided by native Microsoft applications. However, you don’t have to worry about this anymore. Parallels RAS provides power and flexibility to your Chromebooks.

Parallels RAS Chromebook apps

With Parallels Remote Application Server, you can create a virtual office and deliver applications seamlessly to any device. Irrespective of the device, OS and platform, you can deliver applications that provide a rich and high-performance experience, and provide highly secure remote access to corporate data to any user and any device. It is easy to sync files and applications across a variety of devices, and VDI desktops can be automatically deployed.

Parallels RAS enables you to deliver MS Office Suite to Chromebooks without loss of features and functionality. With Parallels RAS, you can combine the best of Chromebook and MS Office Suite for a win-win situation.

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