I think you’ll agree with me that we live in a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) world. BYOD is one of the hottest trends that appeared a few years ago and spread like fire! If you weren’t too sure, I can tell you that BYOD is here to stay! If you’re not too familiar with this piping hot trend, BYOD is when employees use their personal devices, whether a smartphone, a tablet or a notebook, for work purposes. It’s a simple scheme that many businesses worldwide have adopted.

Imagine you own a company with more than five hundred employees. With the mobile technology evolving day by day it is impossible for your employees to work without a mobile device. Now it’s up to you whether you buy all your employees a device or you embrace the BYOD trend. You will get a good deal if you’re going to purchase more than five hundred devices from one shop, but still the price??…Ouch!!! Allowing your employees to provision their own technology will not only have cost benefits but they will also enjoy higher job satisfaction, increased mobility and improved productivity. This is a win for your company.

Let’s think of another scenario. Picture you’re a teacher and you can’t get those students of yours to turn off their devices. Even if they say they did, I guarantee they are still using them under their desks. It is a fact that children have grown to learn, live, communicate and play on mobile devices regardless of where they are (in the classroom or not). Wouldn’t you as a teacher take advantage of that? According to a survey conducted by the Software & Information Industry Association, more and more schools are finally adopting the BYOD scheme. In this way children will engage better and staff will be more productive. Plus teachers won’t go home every day with a headache.

Just like anything you can imagine has risks, so does BYOD. As employees are using their own device, they have access to important corporate data. This enhances the risk of loss of company data. But if your company is planning to make use of a BYOD scheme, implementing the proper security solution is a must. With 2X MDM, there is no need to worry about the risks that may occur when using BYOD programs and you are certainly not Bringing Your Own Disaster!

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