Gateway Load Balancing overcomes the limitations of existing redundant routers by adding load balancing and high availability functionality. Besides being able to set priorities on different gateway routers, Parallels HALB allows distribution of connections based on workload. Operating in a High Availability configuration, Parallels Remote Application Server intelligently directs traffic among healthy gateways in order to remove single-points-of-failure, optimize utilization, and guarantee always-available applications. Parallels HALB (High Availability Load Balancing) is part of Parallels Remote Application Server (Remote Application Server).It can be installed on Microsoft and VMware hypervisors.Once activated, it sits between the users and gateways in order to guarantee connection availability.

The higher the number of gateways available, the lower the risk of connection failure.Parallels HALB also provides the possibility of running many HALB appliances simultaneously, one acting as the master and the others as slaves.Master and slave appliances share a common or virtual IP, also known as VIP.
Should the master HALB appliance fail, a slave is promoted to master and takes its place seamlessly, without affecting the end users’ connections.

  • Unlimited number of gateways supported
  • Multi HALB management available
  • Workload-based connection
  • Hyper-V, Citrix and VMware compatible
  • Virtual appliance; OVA, VMDK & VDH
  • High availability
  • Seamless connectivity
  • Virtual IP technology
  • SSL decryption Offloading available

The SSL decryption process can also be configured to be performed by the HALB appliance, to relieve load from the gateways. This new feature, named SSL Offloading, can be configured during the setup process and managed from the Parallels Remote Application Server console. HALB is easy to deploy, configure and use. With the intuitive user interface, it can be implemented within minutes.The exceptional performance of Parallels Load Balancing for terminal servers is now fully extended to gateways to guarantee incomparable business continuity.

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