The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement has been well adopted by enterprises all around the world, hoping for increased productivity and reduced enterprise costs. With the variety of devices available in the market today security challenges have grown. BYOD can turn into a security nightmare for IT Administrators if they do not have the appropriate security control.

When using a BYOD scheme in your company, a number of security risks for-hold. Employees use their own devices for work purposes in and outside the office, meaning that they have access to corporate data wherever they might be. What if those devices get lost and fall into the wrong hands? or what if one of their kids starts messing around with the device? Immediately sensitive corporate data are exposed. Let us not forget about cyber criminals. Skilled hackers can access devices through low security applications such as social media or even personal email. They can then breach the network and access, extract or even erase company data. Imagine the disaster a situation like this may cause to a company. This is something IT Administrators dread!

Enterprises need to reduce the risks that BYOD may bring along and reap the rewards it offers. 2X MDM is a best of breed solution which tightly controls devices. With 2X MDM you can enforce strong password policies on the devices connected to your network, reducing the risk of important data falling into the wrong hands. In cases where a device is either lost, misused or stolen, 2X MDM allows you to remotely lock the devices keeping sensitive corporate data safe. In  a worse case scenario where an employee leaves a company and still has access to corporate data, you can wipe corporate data off the device in a second, just in case they decide to use it against the company. Important corporate data may also be at risk with /rogue malware applications. 2X MDM allows administrators to monitor applications installed on the devices making sure they are not harmful.

As I said in our previous post about Embracing BYOD ,security comes first so before you embrace the BYOD scheme make sure you implement the proper security solution and 2X MDM is the perfect solution for handling BYOD risks!

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