Microsoft revealed a vulnerability in all versions of Internet Explorer that is being used in “limited, targeted attacks.”

Microsoft recently revealed a vulnerability in all versions of Internet Explorer from 6 through 11. The company has yet to announce the patch for this vulnerability. This event is also an important wake up call for everyone who has ignored the Windows XP EOL. In fact, it should be the first patch update from Microsoft that excludes Windows XP, still running on around 29 percent of the world’s PCs.

2X Software has launched a new solution to help companies transition during period in a cost effective way.

2X Thin Client for XP allows organizations to leverage on legacy hardware to create a virtual environment capable of hosting the latest version of Windows OS, transforming an old XP PC into a secured client workstation. With 2X Thin Client for XP, organizations are not only able to solve the Windows XP migration challenge but also have a solution that will support future business initiatives, resulting in greater mobility and increased user productivity to meet the needs of today’s modern workforce.

 About 2X Software

2X Software is a global leader in virtual desktop and application delivery, remote access and cloud computing solutions. Thousands of enterprises worldwide trust in the reliability and scalability of 2X products. 2X offers a range of solutions to make every company’s shift to cloud computing simple and affordable.

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