Parallels Plesk Panel 10 — What's New

The most complete, best-integrated server automation system available anywhere.

User interface updates, new revenue-generating opportunities, and bundled solutions make Parallels Plesk Panel:

Plesk 10 for Linux Changelog
Plesk 10 for Windows Changelog

Parallels Plesk Panel - New Features

New! Web Presence Builder now with a new Facebook application that automatically publishes Web sites to Facebook
New! No need for Small Business Panel — all Small Business Panel features now included in Parallels Plesk Panel 10.3
New! Dual-stack support for both IPv4 and IPv6
New! Ability to toggle easily between Shared Hosting mode and Power User mode
New! Drag-and-drop file sharing
New! Supports APS 1.2, so applications can be easily customized and modified — even after deployment

Drag-and-drop online stores – Drag and drop online store templates, order forms and other e-commerce components directly into existing websites using Parallels Web Presence Builder

Improved billing interface – Allows customers to more easily access invoice

New billing order form – Updated for easier integration

Simplified and customized user interfaces – A structured, easy-to-use, end-user control panel simplifies users’ hosting management experience, reducing both churn and support costs. And the intuitive Web-page model lets users learn quickly, rapidly find the desired functionality, and still have full access to all needed power.

Separate administrator user interface – Parallels Plesk Panel now comes with a separate administrator interface, optimized for server and business management.

Power-user mode – A new user interface for dedicated and VPS hosting simplifies administrators’ experience by turning off unneeded shared hosting features.

Server health monitoring – Health-monitoring capabilities simplify server troubleshooting and let you configure alarm thresholds for automatic notification.

Control panel improvements – Performance improvements for control panels make pages load much faster.

Upgradable Apache configurations – Your customized Apache configurations will now remain in force when you upgrade.

Role-based access – Customer administrators can specify application access based on user roles, enabling them to easily limit access to only those users who need it.

Easier, faster upgradesA host of new features make upgrades faster and simplify recovery from upgrade failures. Key enhancements include:

  • Better protection against source environment inconsistencies, with the ability to resolve conflicts on the fly.
  • Database rollback when problems occur.
  • Templates that let you specify whether Parallels Virtuozzo Containers will upgrade automatically or not.
  • A pre-upgrade account analyzer and post-upgrade account transformation wizard to help automate the upgrade process.
  • Forward-compatible Key Administrator keys, so you’ll never have to replace lease licenses when you upgrade.
  • Ability to set up a Key Administrator license pool and instantly issue licenses to new IP addresses.
  • Support for native packaging systems, with automatically updating system components for CentOS and RHEL (optional).

Ability to easily add and sell applications – Now you can increase your revenues and reduce churn by adding applications, mobile Web sites, and site-building software to your service plans, using an easy, one-click installation procedure. You can also sell premium commercial applications to your customers through a Provider Storefront and applications catalog, with special application pricing based on deals we’ve prenegotiated. More than 150 applications are available, including free open-source software.

Application licensing support - Easily install applications and their licenses on your servers – including licenses for supported commercial applications.

Improved security and performance – FastCGI lets you isolate sites in a shared hosting environment with greater account density than suPHP.

PCI compliance for panel and billing system – Full PCI compliance in both Parallels Plesk Panel and the Customer & Billing Manager means you can confidently launch e-commerce applications, knowing they will pass any PCI compliance scans.

Improved password security – Assignment of random default passwords and a password strength indicator protect your servers from hackers and lower support costs attributable to broken passwords.

Improved VPS optimization – VPS optimization for Parallels Virtuozzo Containers delivers the lowest memory consumption and highest server density available anywhere.

More flexibility in hosting plans – New and more flexible hosting concepts support a superior growth path to the future. Key features include multi-domain hosting; ability to assign multiple add-on plans to a subscription; and ability to automatically update subscription settings when plans change.

Caching server support – Now you can put a caching server in front of Apache to support faster performance and more Web sites without adding hardware.

Migration without additional disk space – You will save money on hardware costs when migrating, because migration no longer requires twice the disk space.

Fully integrated billing and customer management (free with Parallels Plesk Panel Unlimited licenses) – Our DSS-compliant billing system, now with European tax and invoicing capabilities, completely automates your hosting experience and simplifies management of the full customer lifecycle, from service plan creation to account provisioning to invoicing and billing.

Intuitive and modern SiteBuilder (free with Parallels Plesk Panel Unlimited licenses) – The brand-new SiteBuilder, rebuilt from the ground up, enables instant Web site creation. It includes point-and-click and drag-and-drop capabilities, plus 60 prebuilt templates, complete with content appropriate for different small business types and personal interests.

Multiple FTP accounts – Allows multiple users to utilize FTP simultaneously.

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