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Parallels Access는 Windows 및 Mac 응용프로그램을 'Apple화'하여 마치 iPad용으로 작성된 것처럼 원격에서 액세스 및 경험할 수 있습니다. 궁금증을 해결할 수 있는 FAQ, 제품 설명서, 동영상 튜토리얼, 기타 유용한 도구가 아래에 나와 있습니다.Parallels Access의 특징 및 기능에 대한 빠른 튜토리얼은 설치, 등록 및 기능 동영상을 참조하십시오.

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    How do I install Parallels Access on both my computer and iPad?

    Installation of Parallels Access is a two step process. The Parallels Access Agent is downloaded from the Parallels website and the Parallels Access App is available for download at the Apple App Store. Complete instructions can be found here.

    If you are running a Virtual Machine on your Mac, do not install Parallels Access in the VM but complete the installation on your Mac hard drive.

    You are required to have a Parallels Account in order to download and install Parallels Access. For instructions on how to create an account or reset your password, please visit KB116662.

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    How do I register my copy of Parallels Access?

    When you log into Parallels the first time from your iPad, you will be required to build a user account and password.  You will receive a confirmation email that your account has been successfully created.  If you have an existing account and have registered already a copy for Parallels Desktop for Mac, you can log in with the same credentials and do not have to create a new account.

    You can also register directly in Parallels Access by topping the Register button at the bottom of the welcome screen.

    Registration instructions can be found here.

    To change your password or registered email address or if you have forgotten your password, click here for assistance.

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    Parallels Access FAQs - The Basics
    1. What devices and OS's are supported in Parallels Access?  Please visit KB116670
    2. Do I need a Parallels Account to use Parallels Access?  Yes, you will need an account. Registration instructions can be found at KB111662. If you have need assistance resetting your password, please visit KB116181. Instructions for registration and resetting your password are also found on the Welcome screen of Parallels Access.
    3. Is the connection from Parallels Access to my computer secure?  Yes, Parallels Access is using state of the art technology so all data transferred between your computer and iPad is secure. More details and additional security options can be found at KB116684.
    4. Can I use Parallels Access on more than one computer? Yes, Parallels access can be used to access multiple computers. Instructions to add an additional computer can be found at KB116728.
    5. How do I delete a computer from my list? Please visit KB118500 for details.
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    Parallels Access FAQs - Purchase Questions
    1. How do you purchase Parallels Access? Monthly and annual subscriptions to Parallels Access can be purchased directly from within Parallels Access, the Parallels Online Store or through the Apple App Store. Please visit KB116724 for instructions on how to purchase.
    2. I received a notification that my subscription is expiring, how can I renew it? Once your subscription is within 24 hours of ending, a Buy Now button will appear both on your iPad and in your My Account page. Click on Buy Now button on your iPad or on Buy Subscription on My Account page. See KB116820 for complete instructions on renewals.
    3. I have a question on my purchase, who do I contact? KB116724 contains contact details based on where you purchased your subscription to Parallels Access.
    4. Can I purchase on the Parallels website? Please see KB119197 for details on purchases.
    5. How do I get a refund for my Parallels Access subscription? Subscriptions to Parallels Access are non-refundable for the duration of your subscription period. To manage your subscription or disable auto-renewal of your monthly/annual subscription please follow the in-app instructions listed at KB116725.
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    Parallels Access FAQs - Features and Functionality
    1. Information on how to work with applications on your iPad can be found in KB116697.
    2. For tips on settings to ensure the best performance of Parallels Access, please visit KB116685.
    3. For mouse settings and using mouse gestures in Parallels Access, please visit KB116729.
    4. For setting up your keyboard and keyboard shortcuts, please visit KB116705.
    5. How to use drag and drop features can be found at KB116731.

    Parallels has created short tutorial video's to help you get started Parallels Access.  To view a list of videos, please visit KB116956.

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    Technical Troubleshooting Tips
    1. My apps are not showing in App Launcher.  Please visit KB116697.
    2. How do you switch to a traditional desktop/menu view on the iPad? Please visit KB116702.
    3. Parallels Access features are not working when I connect to my computer or Virtual Machine? Please visit KB116710.
    4. My screen resolution is out of sync after disconnecting from Parallels Access.  To reset your screen resolution please visit KB116698.
    5. Sound and speaker issues - KB116700.
    6. How do I enable accessibility for apps in OS X 10.9 Mavericks? Please visit KB116418
    7. Parallels Access cannot log in to a Windows computer. Please visit KB116660.
    8. How do I delete a computer from my list? Please visit KB118500 for details.


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