Boot Camp works better with
Parallels Desktop 10® for Mac

Many people aren’t aware of the differences between Boot Camp and Parallels Desktop. Although both allow you to run Windows on a Mac, that’s where the similarities end. Take your “Windows on a Mac” experience to the next level!

Use Boot Camp in Parallels Desktop 10® for Mac and run Mac and Windows applications side-by-side, without rebooting.

Run Windows on your Mac
Run all OSes at the same time
Run Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 along with Chrome, Linux, Unix operational systems
PC-only software runs near full speed on Mac

Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac is the the world's easiest, fastest, and most powerful solution for people who need regular access to many apps on both Windows and Mac platforms from a single machine without rebooting.

Use the Boot Camp partition as a bootable volume disk in Parallels Desktop to run high-performance PC-only software at full speed in a Mac’s native hardware environment, access all of your system settings, peripheral devices, files and folders in your Parallels Desktop virtual machine.

Enjoy the OS X (Launchpad, Mission Control) in Windows apps. Speak, don¹t type use OS X Dictation tool across both Windows and Mac applications.

You can even add the Boot Camp partition as a data disk for any Parallels Desktop virtual machine. Already using Boot Camp? Using that same Windows partition to take your Windows + Mac environment further by utilizing the integration features in Parallels Desktop.

What’s New in Version 10?

1-click optimization automatically set your virtual machine settings for optimal performance based on what you do most.

Real-time virtual disk optimization automatically compacts your virtual disk while you work, so it takes only as much space on your hard disk as it really needs.

Mac native “Save as” in Microsoft Office 2013 applications to Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud Drive (when Yosemite is available) if they are set up on your Mac.

Mac native “Share” files, text or web-pages from Windows using Internet accounts configured on your Mac. Post on Twitter, Facebook, etc., send via email, AirDrop, and Messages.

Insert OS X Special Characters like emoji, math symbols, currency signs and more can be inserted into Windows programs from the Edit menu.

We’ve even made the Windows 8.1 Start Screen work like OS X Launchpad.

As you install Windows apps, we automatically add them to Launchpad.

If you have custom mouse buttons set on a 3+ button mouse, those buttons will work in Windows applications and games.

What’s New in Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac?


Battery life is now extended by up to 30%!

Windows Documents now open 48% faster!

Virtual machines use 10% less Mac memory!

Support for 16vCPU, 64 GB RAM for more powerful virtual machines

Reviews & Awards

We think Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac is great. But don't just take our word for it. Millions of people use Parallels Desktop, and these are some of their stories. Parents. Pilots. Police Officers. Pharmacists. Project Managers. Whoever you and are whatever you do, Parallels Desktop unites Mac and Windows. The rest is up to you.

The List of Enhancement is Impressive
AUG 20, 2014

The list of enhancements in this Yosemite compatible version 10 is impressive. New built-in intelligence and support for Apple’s latest operating systems — including OS X Yosemite — greatly improves ease-of-use for both business users and consumers, allowing them to forget about the operating system and focus on the task at hand.”

The Mac Observer
Windows on a Mac Less Annoying
AUG 20, 2014

Parallels Desktop 10 makes running Windows on a Mac less annoying. Seamlessly blend OS X and Windows on Mac machines, not just through visual aesthetics alone, but also integrating Apple services, Mac usability and data syncing into Windows, all without needing to reboot into a partition.”

New Real-time Optimization
AUG 20, 2014

Previous versions of Parallels have an option to “reclaim” disk space the virtual machine no longer needs, a process that can free up several gigabytes, but it requires shutting down the VM. New “real-time optimization” feature will automatically reclaim disk space without the VM needing to be shut down.”

Ars Technica
Really Solid Upgrade
AUG 08, 2014

Parallels Desktop 10 look nicer than ever before, is faster and integrates more deeply with both your Mac and the VMs you’re running. What more could you want!?”

Chris J.
AUG 07, 2014

Parallels Desktop is by far the best apps for running windows apps under OS S. Especially for beginners, Parallels is easier to use and install and sets itself up by default for the tightest possible integration.

Jacky K.
Just Keeps Getting Better Every Time
AUG 07, 2014

Parallels has been my go-to VM software for years. With each new version comes improvements in performance and suppport for new features of the host and guest operating systems. This version is no different in that regard. Version 10 takes compatibiltiy to new heights with improved support for Windows 8 and Mac OS X Yosemite!

Jonathan S.

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Based on the size of your organization, a customized volume licensing program can address network computing requirements and purchasing preference while delivering a cost-effective and scalable solution. In addition, volume licensing allows organizations to acquire product licenses and maintenance plans, for a cost-effective and simple approach to acquiring the latest Parallels software.

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