BYOD Policy

A recent study found that 42 percent of workers use personal devices to access business applications and resources. With the consumerization of IT, many businesses are adopting the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) model and policy. A BYOD policy is a set of rules governing a corporate IT department’s level of support for employee-owned PCs, smartphones and tablets. Businesses of all sizes are facing the complexity of device management and access to company resources. Parallels MDM is a mobile device management platform that provides an easy and affordable solution for managing, tracking and securing devices. Parallels MDM allows administrators to enforce strong policies, distribute WiFi, Email and Exchange configuration and also apps to groups of devices with configurable Group Policies from the central management portal.

If you haven’t developed a corporate BYOD policy, or if the one you have is out of date, Parallels MDM will help you address device security, IT service, application use and other key components of an effective BYOD policy below:

Specify What Devices Are Permitted in your BYOD Policy

Parallels MDM allows you to manage any iOS and Android devices or Windows Laptops. It is important to ensure that your company policy clearly sets out which devices are allowed and which are not. For example, you might decide to exclude iOS devices. Parallels MDM allows administrators to approve which devices to manage.

Establish a Stringent Security Policy for All Devices

With Parallels MDM, you can protect your mobile devices and corporate data by enforcing a strong password policy to all of your connected devices.You can set the minimum password length, time lapse before a device auto-locks and the maximum number of failed password attempts before the device wipes its data, all in order to ensure that the policy is followed.

Make it Clear Who Owns What Apps and Data

Explain to your employees that a lost phone may be wiped, resulting in the deletion of personal as well a company information. Parallels MDM can remotely wipe your mobile device as well as any storage cards associated with it. By reverting your device back to its factory default state, you can avoid the legal ramifications related to divulging confidential information.

Decide What Apps Will be Allowed or Banned

Threats from apps are growing daily and you need to define which apps are allowed or specify which applications are not. An app can easily open a backdoor into your perimeter, or use your device to send information to malicious third parties. With Parallels MDM, you can define an app Whitelist and Blacklist, and also monitor malicious and unauthorized installation of apps in real time.

Integrate Your BYOD Plan With Your Acceptable Use Policy

Many employees post on Facebook using their phone and company WiFi. Is it a violation of policy? With Parallels MDM, push WiFi network configuration from the central console and when unauthorized access to a webpage or resource is reported by the network administrator, can be removed with a few clicks.

Set Up An Employee Exit Strategy

Companies should have an exit wipe strategy whereby the device is reset to factory defaults to remove any data and company network details. With Parallels MDM also select to remove WiFi networks as well as email accounts and data downloaded from accounts configured though MDM to avoid any corporate data leaks.

Parallels MDM lets you install apps on individual or groups of devices simultaneously, find and track devices, secure corporate data on all connected devices and specify which rogue apps should not be installed. It lets you track and monitor all of your connected devices in real time. You can audit and monitor user activity, including call logs, messages sent and received and which apps have been installed or are pending uninstall. Parallels MDM enables you to change the password on Android devices and also lock, so you can protect all of your data until the device is retrieved – even if the device is not connected to the Internet, you can lock it by sending an SMS to the device. You can also use Parallels MDM to restore the device to its factory settings – this wipes data completely from the device, whether stored on the device itself or on any SD card.

Parallels MDM is the perfect solution for today’s mobile workplace. Smartphones and other devices can help you make your business mobile; Parallels MDM ensures that you can do it safely and securely from a user-friendly online dashboard. Read more.